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Exclamation COPPA
Posted by: ACE_Spark - 03-07-2014 03:57 PM - Replies (10)

Just a heads up, COPPA has been enabled on the forums. Due to the fact we're on a US server, this basically means anyone under the age of 13 needs their parent's permission sent to me directly in order to post on the forums.

Since I am in the UK, and most people signing up here are US based, it's illogical for me to require a posted form, and fax is basically impossible, so e-mail permission is the only way forward.

As a side result of this, ZeroGreenSaber has just been banned, because legally, we cannot have him on the forum.
ZGS, if you're reading this, get your parents to talk to us and we'll see what we can do.

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  Awards Function added to site
Posted by: Rhythm - 21-06-2014 06:54 PM - Replies (8)

Hello all! Just wanted to let you know of a new plugin added to the site that allows the ability to give out awards! (Yay!) With this, anyone who has won an award during the previous Annual Awards have been given them and they now appear on their profile pages as well as in their infobox when they make a post.

I will try to find a way to add some milestone-specific awards such as X amount of posts, X number of members referred (yes we can do that), and others. If you have any suggestions for these Milestone awards, please let us know!

Also, if you have posted your awards in your signature, (and i haven't caught it yet) please remove them since displaying them twice would be redundantly redundant.

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  Quick tip.
Posted by: ACE_Spark - 09-06-2014 05:43 PM - No Replies

If you don't see the affiliates bar to your left, and buttons just below the top bar, refresh the page, as they've been added back.

We'll be pruning the user database shortly to get rid of members who've signed up but not used their account, to cut down on the size of the database. If you signed up but haven't actually posted anything, I'd recommend at least introducing yourself in the relevant thread so you aren't pruned.

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  And that's the way the cookie crumbles...
Posted by: ACE_Spark - 08-06-2014 12:31 PM - No Replies

Further Updates:
User Gallery is back online &usable, as are the sprite based buttons for the top of the NavBar.

Original Update
To paraphrase a certain song on the internet, "freaking cookies how do they work".
[Image: 1_08_06_14_12_33_06.png]

Hopefully all issues with cookies should be sorted and you should be able to stay logged in/log out... and us admins can actually use the control panel.

Yeah, things were that bad for a short while.

Gah, bloody server wipe.
[Image: 1_08_06_14_12_32_40.gif]

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  Games section back up... sort of.
Posted by: ACE_Spark - 04-06-2014 11:23 PM - No Replies

Still haven't found the webpage files for the Christmas Carol games (they're on the harddrive somewhere, but haven't found them), and the high scores are currently shot to buggery (as in they don't work), but the games page has been put back up - at the very least you can download them and still play Quint's Bomb Rush.

As a consolation prize, temporarily added is also one of my very, very, very old fangames, Zero's Battle Battle Revolution, which is awful, but is a fun trip down memory lane to how fangames used to be.

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  Help Wanted - Report any issues with the main site here!
Posted by: ACE_Spark - 03-06-2014 11:04 PM - Replies (10)

So, hopefully everything that was added to the site from 2011 to now (with the exception of the latest update, because I cannot locate those files) - every update made should now be back up, meaning the archive is more or less operational now.

But, since I basically just hit "mass upload", there may be some issues, so any help would be appreciated as we get back on our feet!

Report any pages with multiple sheets, nonfunctional links, etc, etc, etc. Link to the page and I'll try and update it.

I'm still sorting out the rest of the site, so it would be a great help if people could report any errors.

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Sad Site Disaster - What exactly has happened.
Posted by: ACE_Spark - 03-06-2014 08:17 PM - Replies (6)

Basically, the hard-drive INC was on, including it's backups, had a massive blow out.

Long story short - the entirety of INC was lost, and we've backed up from a fairly old backup - as the front page states - from 2011!

I've managed to salvage the forum from a few months back. You may need to re-make your accounts. Things such as attachments, avatars, and the like have been completely obliterated and cannot be salvaged, unfortunately.
Nevermind, Avatars and Attachments were in fact, salvaged mostly. Anything uploaded past February will have been lost though.

We're doing the best we can. I'm not sure what else I can do but I figure having some forum up is better than having no forum up.

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  Forum Theme Updated - Site Redesign on it's Way
Posted by: ACE_Spark - 23-02-2014 11:19 PM - Replies (1)

Hopefully, you're seeing this on your front page. If so, everything has worked and we're well on our way to getting things sorted.

As an aside, the links to your left still link to the old pages, but i'll be rolling out new pages over the next *insert how-ever long ACE normally takes to do things here.*

Slow process, and I'm still not back to full strength, but I might as well do something useful.

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Star Upcoming Forum Shutdown - Sunday 09th
Posted by: ACE_Spark - 07-02-2014 10:17 PM - Replies (4)

Just a heads up, I'll be tinkering with the forum on Sunday in an attempt to fix some glaring issues, and as part of the sites' yearly update. This will require de-activating the forum for a brief time.

(It would've been Saturday, but I'm suddenly busy.)

For now, carry on.. nothing should go wrong. MM - Sigh

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  Christmas from INC isn't exactly coming this year.
Posted by: ACE_Spark - 22-12-2013 10:08 AM - Replies (14)

Due to a recent bout of illness I've been advised by family not to even try to push myself this year as I'm barely able to go a few hours without wanting to collapse. I'm not sure what's wrong but things have been getting generally worse, heck, I even fainted the other day.

If it clears up, I might be able to work on it after Christmas and get something out for New Years, as the project is thankfully not Christmas themed, but it depends on how my health clears up,

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