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Posted by: Rhythm - 20-10-2016 03:22 PM - No Replies


This is becoming more and more prevalent here and I think it's time for a friendly reminder.

10) DON'T BUMP TOPICS THAT ARE OVER FOUR MONTHS OLD! If a topic is dead, it's dead. Leave it be.
Updating a topic such as a sprite thread or game development thread with additional content is fine.

It's really not that difficult. If you're randomly scouring the forums and find a topic buried down near the bottom that hasn't had any activity in the past four months...LEAVE IT ALONE.

If it's your thread and you're updating it, that's different because you're actually reawakening a dormant thread. But posting little comments or questions about a thread or topic that has long since's inconsiderate first of all. You're placing a dead topic up there with more livelier ones and possibly knocking a more valid topic off the "Recently Updated" list which would actually garner attention.

There are of course exceptions. A major request thread is exempt from this rule because it's exactly that. Smeghead, Forum Games, things like that? NOT EXEMPT! If a topic is dead, it's dead.

Now, if you want to rejuvenate a forum game or silly topic, that's perfectly fine. But if you do so, please don't do it as a blatant attempt to circumvent the necroposting rule.

Thank you.

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  Podcast - Classic Mega Man Cartoons Follow Up
Posted by: Rhythm - 24-09-2016 01:44 AM - No Replies

Wouldn't you know it? We publish a podcast and two days afterwards, more news comes out about what we discussed!

[Image: ep_11.gif]

Happy Listening!

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  Revolution Remix - Wily Castle Music
Posted by: ACESpark - 10-09-2016 08:08 PM - Replies (3)

Happy listening!

Oh, and in further news... I haven't heard off the server guys whether we've moved yet. I'll be contacting them today, and will keep you posted on further developments.

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  Incoming Server Downtime
Posted by: ACESpark - 29-08-2016 11:35 AM - No Replies

We're moving servers. We might go down for a bit. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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  Mega Man Revolution Vlog - Here Comes a New Challenger!
Posted by: ACESpark - 27-08-2016 04:58 PM - Replies (1)

Now I have the files for Revolution again, have a new (albeit short) Vlog!

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  Shark-hunter's Vengeance Part Duex
Posted by: ACESpark - 24-08-2016 12:07 PM - Replies (1)

[Image: qr2title.gif]
*leaves this here*

And no it has nothing to do with Steven Universe.

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  Podcast - Classic Mega Man Cartoons.
Posted by: ACESpark - 16-08-2016 04:54 PM - No Replies

Another Podcast has been released, this time a discussion on the Man of Action cartoon, a somewhat nostalgic look at the Ruby Spears cartoon, and both me and Rhythm attempt to wipe the Japanese OVA from our memories.
Get it here. Happy listening!

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  Mega Man Revolution Vlog - Special Weapons Updates
Posted by: ACESpark - 23-05-2016 04:15 PM - Replies (2)

Another Vlog for Revolution is ready for your viewing pleasure:

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  Mega Man Revolution Vlog - Saw Sand Blast
Posted by: ACESpark - 11-04-2016 02:40 PM - No Replies

A new Vlog detailing some of the updated Robot Masters has been uploaded for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy:

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  SIBRE Engine Test Build 2
Posted by: ACESpark - 22-03-2016 12:11 PM - No Replies

A new significant build of the test build for SIBRE has just been released. How significant? This significant:
[Image: screenshot1.png][Image: screenshot2.png]
[Image: screenshot3.png][Image: screenshot4.png]

Check it out here: Click this.
Any feedback, bug reports, and the like is very much appreciated, as there has been a very good reason for me to be working on this all of a sudden. Cheers!

List any bugs or suggestions you find in the thread for the game, thanks!

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