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  Inc Awards are Coming!
Posted by: Rhythm_BCA - 01-11-2015 03:15 PM - Replies (1)

It's November!! And you all know what that means...Thanksgiving is just around the corner!! Turkey and the fixin's and football and just all around.....wait that's not this post? Oh right.


I will make the official post in the coming weeks detailing all the guidelines for each award. This being the 4th one, and being standard practice, I'm including the nomination sheet for Awards here so you can start filling out your nomination ballot.

Quote:Wedge Award (Best New Member):
Booblight Award (Sexiest Member):
Deadchat Award (Chattiest Member):
Beat Award (Friendliest Member):
“Original the Character” Award (Worst Character Design):
Reggae Award (Strangest Member):
Favic Award (Worst Member):
Spam Award (Most Active Smeghead):
Tetris Award (Best Forum Game:
Spike Award (Best Streamer):
Iris Award (Most Overdramatic Member):
Auto Award (Funniest Member):
Roll Caskett Award (Best Critic):
Chiptune Award (Best Musician):
Doc Robot Award (Most Multi-Talented Member):
UDON Award (Best Artist):
Rubber Mega Man Award (Best Animator):
Saga Award (Best Original Story):
Quill Award (Best Writer):
Rush Award (Most Helpful Member):
Zero Award (Most Improved Design):
Smash Award (Most Anticipated Project):
BnG Award (Best Comic):
Rockman Award (Most Creative Fan Game):
Tempo Award (Best Original Character (Characteristics)):
Inafune Award (Best Original Character (Design)):
Pixel Master Award (Best Spriter):
Ace Award (Best Member):

NOMINATIONS WILL OPEN ON BLACK FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 27TH...I will not be accepting nominations until then. If you have any questions or would like some clarification, please ask so there is not miscommunication or misunderstanding. Good luck to everyone!

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  Archive Update - 10/23/2015
Posted by: Rhythm_BCA - 23-10-2015 11:24 PM - No Replies

Huge shout out to DarkSamus993 for pulling these accurate rips from the game data. He's been hard at work finding things that we have been missing as well as updates to already-existing sprites that were missing frames.


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  Online High Scores Functional Again
Posted by: ACESpark - 28-09-2015 04:52 PM - No Replies

See, it only took... what... a year? MM - Derp

The online high score tables are working again for Christmas Carol 2, Remix and Quint's Bomb Rush. Hurrah.

Couldn't restore the scores or anything, but hey, they're working again at least!

And Quint's Bomb Rush has borked again... working on it... I appear to have gotten it to work again, so all's good on that front.

EDIT: Update on the Quint's Bomb Rush issue - it appears to not want to submit scores in Window's 10's new browser. I'm not sure how to actually fix this one. Other browsers work fine though.

Update 2: A derp in file for Christmas Carol Remix's scoreboard meant that usernames weren't being submitted. That has been fixed but I'm afraid the scores currently posted do not have names attached to them. Sorry about that!

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  User Gallery Diddled With
Posted by: ACESpark - 24-09-2015 07:49 PM - No Replies

I have no idea why thumbnails weren't working with the thing but they sort of work now, so the thing is much easier to browse at least.

I was diddling around with the code, hopefully I haven't broke the darn thing.

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  Inc Archive Update 9/22/15
Posted by: Rhythm_BCA - 21-09-2015 06:27 AM - No Replies

Hi all. A minor update to report. Got some rips and Misc and some Unused items added to the archive thanks to DarkSamus993 who as i've mentioned has been hard at work delving into the game data for many games when he notices that things are not here... anyways, here's what's been added:

[-Mega Man 8-]
Health Bars/Bars
Weapon Icons
Chip/Part Icons

[-Megaman X1-]
Health Bars
Weapon Icons/Bars
Pause Menu
Pause Menu Icons
Fonts and Alt. Palettes
X Mugshot
Zero Mugshot

Unused Sub-Tank Menu Icon
Unused Weapon Bar
Unused Jellyfish Enemy
Unused Zero Mugshot

[-Megaman X2-]
Croak Hopper

Health Bars
Weapon Icons/Bars
Pause Menu
Pause Menu Icons
Fonts and Alt. Palettes

Unused Weapon Bar

[-Megaman x3-]
Health Bars
Weapon Icons/Bars
Pause Menu
Pause Menu Icons
Fonts and Alt. Palettes

Unused Weapon Bar

[-Megaman X4-]
--Miscellaneous - Sub-Section: Stage Select--
Stage Select Background

--Miscellaneous - Sub-Section: Game Objects - Sub-Section: Effects--
Health Bars
Weapon Icons/Bars

[-Megaman x5-]
--Miscellaneous - Sub-Section: Miscellaneous--
Health Bars
Weapon Icons/Bars
Virus Meter

Unused Zero Weapon Icons

[-Megaman X6-]
--Miscellaneous - Sub-Section: Miscellaneous--
Health Bars
Weapon Icons/Bars
Alia Message Alert Icon

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  Update on the Proposed Tutorials
Posted by: ACESpark - 19-09-2015 09:37 AM - Replies (7)

A year or so ago I announced I had begun recording tutorials for Multimedia Fusion and creating a Mega Man game... well there's a bit of a problem with that.

A) My time is going to be eaten up very quickly lately due to the fact I've re-entered the education system and
B) Sometimes the tutorial's teachings, looking back on them were flawed and not that helpful.

The latter issue left me with the prospect of re-recording all 10 or so of the tutorials I had recorded, a tall order and one of the reasons the tutorial section has sort of languished without updates. I have a solution to the problem - rather than a tutorial, I propose to simply build an open-source Mega Man Engine for Clickteam Fusion 2.5.
Working on Revolution, Sibre, Quint's Revenge, the Christmas Carol series and even with N64Mario's old engine (which sadly is no longer compatible with the latest versions of Multimedia Fusion/Clickteam Fusion) has taught me much in the game making process, and I am convinced I can build an easy to use workable engine for anyone to use - so that is what I'll be doing instead of the tutorials.

Some of the tutorial videos may still be of use to people, as they were requests at the time of recording and were uploaded as unlisted videos to satisfy specific people.
I'll happily reedit and re-upload those if needed.

These are:
a) Changing screen resolution and keeping it pixel perfect.
b) Creating a Yellow Devil.
c) Making Mega Man change colour efficiently.
d) Making a Mega Man style camera system. This ones a bit outdated, but it was the camera system used by Quint's Revenge.

As for recording new ones in the interim, I'd happily record the following as you await news on the open source engine:
a) Making a Mega Man camera system. (This one's much easier to work with.)
b) Making customisable controls.

Any Multimedia Fusion/Clickteam Fusion users out there let me know if you want the tutorials up or not. In the mean time, I have a Mega Man engine to build.

(And for those wondering about SIBRE, the engine I'm building is basically the same engine for that game, so work done to the open source engine is work done to SIBRE.)

As an aside, I am considering making Quint's Revenge open source, in case anyone wants to have a look at that game's code.

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  It Is Done (The Archives that is)
Posted by: Rhythm_BCA - 15-09-2015 03:32 AM - Replies (2)

well then....that took almost a year....

Some days I honestly never thought I would get to this point. Especially with certain games having some sections with subsections and subsections to the subsections and subsections to the subsections to the subsections...curse you X6....

Wait what am I talking about? Why, silly goose...


*throws a small amount of confetti into the air*

Yes as of this moment I just completed the Starforce section, bringing it in-line with the task I set forth back in October of last year. So as per usual, please check the links and redirects to ensure everything is where it needs to be. I being the one who set it up, likely won't catch it on my own.

[Image: linebreak.gif]

Other archive news:
DarkSamus is still hard at work with the major ZXA overhaul. As soon as that is finished it will be uploaded and greeted with much fanfare. Hopefully it won't restart the ZX fad MM - Pokerface

Ontop of that, he has been busy finding missing assets from our Rockman Battle & Fighters section in Classic. All of those will be uploaded as they filter down. Guy is a wizard with ripping for us.

And a new addition to the site
[Image: MegaMan.png]
Whatever the hell this is. Some sort of appearance in a new Nintendo game or something, i dunno....

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  Site Update; Archive Info update
Posted by: Rhythm_BCA - 03-09-2015 02:17 AM - Replies (1)

So just a quick rundown of some of the behind-the-scenes things happening.

First, after addressed by Metalman in the other post, a link back to the Castlevania section has been added to the sidebar. Yes we have a Castlevania section. Yes it hasn't been updated in about 6 years. Yes I will get to it at some point in the near future. POINT OF NOTE: the "Forum" link still links to the old forum link for Inc cause....well 6 years of dust. Clicking on the "return to Mega Man section" will bring you back to the main inc site. This will be addressed at some point when i start tinkering in the html and breaking everything.

I will be...messing around with certain site things to see if I can get more specific styles for certain sections, such as the PD and the CV sections. My goal is to make each major section (Official Mega Man, Public Domain, Castlevania) be unique enough to each other as well as subdivided on the sidebar for the specific section that you're in. Confused yet? good.

To make room for the Castlevania tab, one might notice some movement in the upper section. The Games and Media section have been combined into a....Games & Media section! You'll still find all the links to the games to download there as well as the media such as podcasts and whatever else we have there.

Star Force is getting there....ish. As you may have seen, the landing page is already set to the new style (yay a year in the making!) as well as some of the main characters. I will be tackling the games as soon as motivation kicks in. Possibly by Sunday.

Some behind the scenes stuff that wouldn't likely be noticed but should deserve some recognition:

The Mega Man 8 weapons have been reripped by DarkSamus993. The colors are much more intact as well as we have ALL the weapons now. for some reason 3 were missing, as well as proper coloring for the Rock Ball.

Also very much worth mentioning, the Mega Man Anniversary Collection has been ripped and mostly uploaded to the site. Got a couple of things still to add but mostly, it's up.

And that's really it for now. More updates to come!

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  Archive Update - Mega Man Legacy Collection Assets
Posted by: ACESpark - 27-08-2015 05:26 PM - Replies (2)

[Image: MMLC.png]

So hey, Capcom released an emulator lately. Oh well, guess we'll take it.
Any and all assets from Mega Man Legacy Collection have been added to the site.
... that was probably the quickest turn around for a game rip we've ever done.

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  Archive Update...Update
Posted by: Rhythm_BCA - 23-08-2015 02:38 PM - Replies (2)

Well this has been a while. I'm pleased to announce that the entire BN section has been upgraded to the new integrated style! Check it out here:


As per usual, please inform me of any mislinks or broken links or other things that aren't working the way they should.

Bit of news now. The next section I will be starting to update is the Star Force section. Once that is finished, the current archive will be complete. Now for the more exciting bit of news...

[Image: Xover.png]

I have started organizing and uploading some of the Xover sprites! Probably the only game we were currently lacking ANY assets of, I have started with the basics. Click the image above to check it out!

The current functional links include the OVER-1 sprites with a nifty new feature to the archive, the two Boss sections, and the Enemy section. The three remaining will take some time to fully organize as the availability of the game is highly limited to me and figuring out which asset goes where will be time consuming.

The other piece of news is that DarkSamus has awesomely and willingly been reripping the entirety of the ZX games so that we have accurate palettes and correct rips. Once these are done they will be uploaded to the site and replace the current sprites we have.

Onward to aliens and confusing bonding with said aliens!!

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