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Full Version: Mega Man Revolution - Version 8.7.5 - Demo
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I said I'd release a demo when I'd done a full set of changes to the game... and I keep my word, here is said demo:
Still considered a demo, because changes to the Robot Masters have yet to occur, but you can check out my changes to the game with the version below:
(The game is still playable from start to finish.)


Be sure to check out the changelist thread to see what changes have been made, and be sure to report any bugs/ideas you may have.
I'll repeat this is not the final version of the game, it is just a preview of the changes to be made. Suggestions, bug reports, what-ever, all appreciated.
A few suggestions from what I've played so far.

If doable, a quickslide/dash button would be greatly appreciated.

Earning achievements should probably have a small bit of text saying to press start when they pop up to send the notification away. I had thought the game had frozen after earning an achievement from beating Cryo.

Enemy placement in a portion near the beginning of Cryo's stage is a bit iffy. Particularly the met standing in front of the ice spike shooting enemy. Aside from being placed in such a way that Bass can't shoot one or the other without being level with them, the time it takes bass to do so leaves him open for an easy tag team from both enemies if you aren't already expecting them. (Might actually chalk this up to not having played for long enough to get back into the swing of things yet. Even then the placement is at least a mild annoyance.)

After having encountered both Cryo and Sawman's mini bosses I'm a bit confused. They don't really seem to fit thematically. Except for maybe the fact that the one in Cryo's stage is a crusher, and as such similar to his mace? Saw man's makes very little sense other than the saw blade running, the electrical attacks and nature of the enemy just seem strange for the location. Maybe making it spit out saws would be a better option. For that matter the design of the robot seems a bit out of place for the style even. If you're alright with it, I'd be happy to try modifying it a little.

The hammer joe replacements seem pretty nice, though they mostly come across as modified normal joes now. Nothing wrong with that, just an observation. One thing I will say, based on the appearance of the projectile it looks like it's meant to be animated, yet isn't, and it's a bit jarring visually because of it.

It would seem my game play has been cut short. I attempted to save my game after purposely dieing in Storm's stage only to have the game crash on me. I didn't think to save prior to that so I'm taking a break for a bit.

I'll be updating this post with more as I run into things.
* Haste Beams are disfunctional after beating the stage. At least, they were for me. And still are.
* I don't know which Remir stage is it, but the SMB3 floory acid pools don't really like Rush Items. Acid damage will still be dealt even if got out of it using any Rush items. It seems the game doesn't check if you've jumped out of it. (was in the latest official version too.)
* Getting an Achievement when starting a stage (somehow, like Junkjard) locks the game.
* After beating Wily, the game crashes and refuses to run again because of a new folder it creates [Driver:\User\Documents\Mega Man Revolution Save Data]. (StackHash_0a9e - v8.7.5 - Win7-64bit) | Uploaded a Remir 1 save if this occurs with anyone else!

* Stage Exit Unit: Must-a-have. You know, going back for letters or Special Weapons.
* Ability to exit to Title Screen from World Map. [or] Ability to view Achievements and load/save in Light's Lab. [or] Why not both?
* Immediately respawn the lowest row of blocks in the Handy boss fight. It's R1 or R2 I think.

* Speakers are simply annoying! I mean their sound effects are. For some reason, they make me cry after a while.
(y) Ghost Man first screenies. (Get your tickets!)
(y) New Minibosses.
* Wily 5... Virus Man, anyone? It reminds me of it.

~ To avoid making new replies or posts for no reason, this will be kept updated.
~ ***UPDATED!*** Attached some save files in case someone needs them. Contains a *Remir 1*, Wily 1, Wily 2, Wily 6 saves and an older World Map save. The saves are numbered 6 to 10, there is a text file describing each save file.
i've found a inconsistency in the design of the Pyroman's stage. after the ladder, if you fall of the platforms where the torch enemy are encountered, you will fall here, and with Bass you're enabe to escape.

[Image: 020mxx4nd7hr]

*another bug..in t the remirs last stage..if you jump when protoman throws the ion blade in you, the game will freeze.

You accept suggestions?

*in the Sawman stage: you could change the sprite of the logs appearing in the stage, the Subboss can have an grapping arm who let fall logs in you (its a sawmil stage, so why not?)

*the blastman stage: You could change the sprites of the building, because the original is really ugly. you could change the color of the sky to be morning (blue with whithe clouds) in the beginning of the stage, afternoon in the middle (the default orage, with some clouds maybe) and night in the final of the stage (in the boss chamber could have buildings with lights in the night)

*the extra weapons could have some additional use, as be the weakness of some subbosses ,reveal some secrets or hidden stages.

*the hearts in the remir's final stage could pulsate.
For some reason my game simply keeps crashing roughly 3 minutes after entering a stage, and I don't know why. I use Windows 7 and I have tried the alternate .dll file to see if that'd make a difference.

Also (I'm using an xBox One controller), I can't assign the up, down, left, right keys to the D-Pad; it forces me to use the joystick. The fields say "N/A", thouh, so I don't know if this was a purposeful design choice or not (it was the same in the last version so I was hoping you could address it now).

Still, I'm happy to see this is alive and can't wait to see what you do with it!
I had quite a few issues with the new Big Slammer boss battle as Mega Man. First, I couldn't figure out how to damage the thing buster only; I assumed you had to bounce the bullets off of the wall cannons to hit the main machine, but that didn't work. I then thought you had to get Big Slammer to drop spikes onto the guns, but I never got around to testing that before I started encountering some other issues. Big Slammer would occasionally go through periods where it didn't drop any spikes despite the animation for the attack playing out. Then, as the boss battle went on, the game started getting slower and slower. I feel as though there's an event being triggered that is continuously creating objects off screen, causing the game to buckle. I did make it through the boss eventually by using Beat.

A smaller issue arose in Storm Man's stage where, in attempting to get the stage's secondary weapon, I was damaged by a nearby enemy and pushed into the ceiling (Mega Man's walking animation playing all the while). The spikes on the ceiling killed me before I made it through, however.

Other than these two issues, I had a relatively clean playthrough. I'm really liking some of the new things I've seen implemented.
I can't accept have not oldest spotlight idea in wily 3 stage & lose drills enemy.
So, I took a bit of a long break before getting back to playing this version again, and as a result I can't really remember absolutely everything.

With the trimming, I can say the stage length is going in the right direction. However, most of the stages are still in need of refinement or revision, though you might already know that to some extent.

(Highly important things denoted in red)

Saving: This save system hates people going game over. Pretty much every time I remember going game over and trying to save, the game crashes.
Speaking of saving, forgetting to save can be a bit of a thing because to my knowledge there's no ability to save other than after a stage or going game over. Slightly nitpicky though.

Respawning items: I had to do Blast Man's stage a few times for that blasted N and even more times for grinding for Sondebar. Throughout those many times, I noticed that various items refuse to spawn during various of the playthroughs. I have no idea why.

Losing Sondebar Progress: That's a lie. I happened to hit 0 lives before beating Wily. Obviously, I GO'ed on Sondebar, and went back to the world map. While I expected to restart with a few lives, I also didn't have access to Sondebar stage, as honestly should be. To elaborate, I had to do wily 5 all over again before I just ragereloaded. I think I know the cause of that, provided the game keeps track of how many fortress stages you've beaten. Ace... did the game use to send you back to the point where you beat four stages, and if it does, did you forget to adjust it?

Light Lab lunacy: After beating 8 master stages, the game has the tendency to send me to light labs without asking me. Even when I just want to immediately fetch the N from Blast Man's stage. Whether it's a bug or not, that should not happen. Ironically, the one time I would actually expect to be dragged to Light labs, after I beat Wily, I am sent to the world map instead, and therefore have the option to just ignore doctor light. Comedic and snarky descriptions aside, this boils down to being sent to Light Lab at the craziest times.

Blast Man: As with all stages, the trimming really did it good. But in its place, we have the speaker gimmick. Right now, it's severely lacking in that stage, and the only time it posed ANY trouble was when you combined it with a beetle. Especially disappointing since the stage has a mostly empty final stretch with those things. Ironically, despite Blast Man's stage having to be touched up, the end result isn't that much better right now.
On the bug side of things, aside from weirdly (not) spawning items, I once got a beetle bomb stuck on me. I believe it had something to do with its beetle trying to drop a bomb JUST above a platform. Otherwise I have no idea.

Storm Man: The slower firing speed of cloud bullies is much appreciated, and so is the intention to replace the Defender, because seriously that thing is obnoxiously spastic, and more trouble than Storm Man, who actually has a pretty good fight. An eye of the storm thing would be perfect to replace the Defender, and I have an idea about that, but like other ideas and suggestions, I'll save that for a later time. (Because I get the impression we need one or more threads for that)

Ghost Man: The gate made me smile. Bubble boos are annoying, but maybe I just have to git gud there. Ghoulies are a good bit less annoying, but they're also not much of an issue at all.

Saw Man: I appreciate the shortening of the stage. However, the way the hammer joes got changed, that just doesn't work. Not only might they as well be sniper joes, but the shots blocking yours makes no sense at all. I have a suggestion on the matter, but again, later date. The midboss is pretty good, though it doesn't make a ton of sense in that stage.
Saw Man, yeah, he really needs less freedom at the very least, because he does whatever he wants whenever he wants... Although I got him into Toadmanditis with his 5-saw attack during the rematches.

Haste Man: Due to me having Rush Coil, I took the upper path and realized too late that it was the Bass path. If you're going to have the Bass path, it's best to make sure Megaman can't get stuck with death as the only option when he takes it. Haste Man is a good fight mostly, but that buster attack is much too crazy random and gets me almost every time.

Sand Man: Those Sand Wanaans, the way to dodge them is pretty unclear. Also, Twister Sister is still one of the more aggravating midbosses, and sound blasting it is kind of hard. Sand Man I didn't pay too much attention to thanks to Iron Saw, but sometime later I might actually take a look at his fight again.
On the plus side, this stage still has plenty going for it.

Pyre Man: When the crane fiends enter the picture, I wonder how to get across that one fire pit as I can't get the fiend to cooperate. I would say Pyre Man is a little crazy to fight buster only, but again, that could be me.

Cryo Man: As Damona mentioned, the enemy placement in this stage can be a little iffy, especially at that one point. By contrast, Breaken is pathetic once you realize what it does. If you get a consistent rhythm down, there's nothing Breaken can do to hurt you other than hope you slip up.
Cryo Man has another stage with a fair few things going on.

Wily 1: I second Goldwater on Big Slammer and buster only, especially since it looks like it should be possible with the cannons and all. Other than that, I really like where that boss battle is going. The stage, on the other hand, is a bit dull even by fortress standards, sorry to say.

Wily 2: Wily 2 isn't yet where it needs to be in stage design, I can tell you that much. The stomper in tight quarters doesn't even look possible to get past dragoning.

Wily 3: Other than a distressing spike drop and the yellow devil, this stage isn't so bad. Also, if you're going to redo the tiles, don't make the walls look like shotgun targets. That confused me.

Wily 4: Not much to say. The reaperbot boss battle, I like where that is going, although the first form can't really hit you on the upper platforms, and can't stop you from jumping to the lower platforms to employ hit and run other than perhaps telefragging you.

Wily 5: I was expecting a little more gimmick, but I suppose the blocks work, and the speakers are definitely put to use better in this stage. Speaking of working, I like the doppleganger, although dodging the Bass form seems extremely precise.

Wily 6: Not much to say on Wily 6, although if changing the Wily Machine isn't on the to-do list, it should be. Erratic crapshoot projectiles isn't a good method of attack, especially not if that's almost all of it.

Sondebar 1: The shortening of this is appreciated. Blue November is a tad tricky, but actually kinda good if I can get to dodge all of its things.

Sondebar 2: A few too many empty rooms here, as well as more wanaans. On the flipside, the return of Electro Gunner is a pretty good one with the different terrain radically changing the battle. One of the most clever returns of a midboss I've yet seen. (EDIT: I forgot to mention I likewise approve of the changed peterchy's. Those look awesome)

Sondebar 3: Yeah, this stage is still utter hell, so the shortening of the stage was more necessary than anything. In fact, the biggest punchstorm, IIRC, is still kept around.

Sondebar 4: No real comment. Amalgam was one of the few bosses I could easily beat, although I probably got lucky and would have been toast if not for that ram-only safe spot.

Sondebar 5: Oh dear. The stage wasn't as hard as I expected, and the Remir Robot. POOR THING. It needs another method of attack, as it took until my third attempt until it even started threatening the middle with its feet, which is unacceptable for a near final boss. Getting the perfectionist achievement on that first phase (in addition to it being weird since it was only a phase) wasn't at all rewarding.
A small bug: When you pause as the second phase begins to happen, the health bar fills while the game is paused, and when you unpause, the pause screen appears again and you have to unpause once more. Short version: Pausing gets funky during the Remir Robot fight.

Sondebar 6:
Quote:* There are far fewer enemies in Remir stage 6.
Really? Because there is one area with so many embryos above a pool of evil energy that, dear god, I lost a ton of my lives to the section. Sondebar 6 is nervewracking and that one area crossed into AJBKASFGLSAK territory.

Overall, it's probably an improvement over the previous version, and most of the changes were hits, but some of them unfortunately still missed as far as I'm concerned. For what this update was supposed to do though, it's a success.
Thanks for the reports so far guys, I'll see what I can fix and alter for the next release. Some of it may require heavy recode so it'll take some time.
I'm liking alot of the changes I'm seeing so far.

I'm a bit of a stickler for stage design; introducing gimmicks & their placement, introducing enemies & their placement and as such, I have quite a few suggestions. Hopefully I don't sound too nit-picky but stage design is just something I'm extremely passionate about.

Blast Man's stage
-I think the bomb beetle enemy should be introduced like this as to allow the player to see what it does without getting damaged:
[Image: mCehdRe.png]

Cryo Man's stage
-The icicle enemy should be introduced like this so that the player will be forced to utilize it in order to move on. As it stands, the player could simply run passed it and might not understand how they work when they encounter them a few screens later:
[Image: cwfiDq3.png]

Haste Man's stage
-There's a small gap where the laser beams are introduced, I think it should be closed up like this:
[Image: 6bFd0zZ.png]

Sand Man's stage
-I watched a playthrough of the original Revolution where the player avoided the pink tornado, didn't understand how it worked and was cheap-shot'd by the snake mini-boss. In order to ensure the player understands how the tornado works, introduce it like this so they have no way of avoiding it:
[Image: jWha9tl.png]
-Same concept as the bomb beetle enemies from Blast Man's stage; introduce em like this:http://i.imgur.com/zbA5lvM.png

Saw Man's stage
-I think the conveyor belt on the second screen should be removed like this (there's a single conveyor by itself on the third screen that should serve as the introduction):
[Image: pte93yV.png]
-The saw dispenser could be introduced like this; the player will be forced to slide underneath it, and in doing so will avoid damage while also getting to see how it works:
[Image: R8uFJ3G.png]

Storm Man's stage
-There's an empty screen at the very start of the underwater section. It could be used to introduce players to the game's underwater physics (Yeah, I know. "Everyone knows water makes you jump higher!" But still, just in case...):
[Image: 2Jtv7mE.png]
-A better way to introduce the player to the behavior of the jellyfish enemy:
[Image: mD93IkQ.png]

Wily Stage 3
-I think this particular gravity challenge should be the final one instead of the third one:
[Image: C6r2vf5.png]
-Also, maybe consider placing more of the gravity things throughout the stage instead of just at the very end to make it more interesting? It feels kinda lacking...

All of Sondebar
-I feel like the Sondebar castle could use alot more gimmickry; bring back a bunch of the gimmicks from robot master stages that didn't get re-used in Wily's castle, perhaps...

Whelp, that's about all I have to say! Hope it helps Smile
@Skipper: To give my two cents on each of these issues:
  • Beetle Bomber: This honestly is something that could go with an unsafe introduction, because that's a basic enemy thing. Also, the consequences of getting hit are far from lethal.
  • Icicle Enemy: Not seeing how you can get past it without seeing what it does. Well, other than Rush Coil and double jump. I will say, however, that it isn't entirely clear how exactly they work, which becomes important two platforming challenges in.
  • Force Beams: ...Honestly, what do you do when you see a beam that's almost a force beam come down above you? You run.
  • Sand Twister: Gotta agree on this one, though I think players usually instinctively push the right buttons in trying to shake themselves loose. On a nitpicky level, your suggestion forgets that Megaman can't slide in midair and that Bass can't slide whatsoever. Also, I don't think that introduction would be particularly fun to go through every time.
  • Conveyor Belts: People know how they work... But perhaps the second and third rooms could be swapped to address that concern?
  • Saw Dispenser: This thing starts doing things when you're still far away from it, which gives you time to get out of the way and figure out the saws are (as far as I know) more or less random. For that reason, the way you thought they could be introduced might not work as you might still get hit by a saw at random. Also, Bass cannot slide.
  • Man-O-War: Again, basic enemy with no lethal consequences. As a rule, when one wants a safe introduction for enemies that aren't part of a gimmick or first seen in lethal situations, that's like asking to safely introduce a Sniper Joe.
  • Gravity: Completely agreed. The ordering of those sections feels weird, and a few more won't hurt.
Bottom line: Most of the gimmicks (and pretty much all of the enemies) are introduced correctly IMO. Don't get me wrong, I too care about stage design, but I am slightly less strict about it. Stumbling about is part of the blind running process as long as it doesn't kill you out of the blue.

Anyway, I've played the game with Bass a while ago, and I might as well give a few more reports.

Blast Man: I'm sure many of us know that Blast Man is not fair against Bass. Then again, that might very well be a point of discussion later on.
When I got to my mandatory grind later, I was, at one point, extremely quick about using Sound Blaster on the Red Beam Trap. Perhaps because of that, the passage never opened even after the thing was down.

Storm Man: I have no idea how to dodge the cloud bullies now that they fire faster. While I could avoid them as Megaman, Bass often takes hits. On the bright side, Storm Man is far less of a thing, if he could be called one, although the Storm Chasers aren't completely neutralized by Bass' double jumping and the randomness is still a problem.

Ghost Man: Um... Yeah, this stage is a royal, royal, acknowledged-by-powers-above levels of pain for Bass, especially thanks to Bubble Boos (and Ghoulies if you don't have the buster upgrade). Yeah, if this stage is going to see more revisions, it needs to be slightly less painful for Bass. In general, being Bass is actually more painful in MMR until you get the buster upgrade.

Sand Man: Bass has a much easier time in this stage. However, Sand Man is extremely tedious as Bass without the Iron Saw, and I have no idea what makes him jump. Again, that might come up later anyway.

Pyre Man: As Sonny already reported, it is impossible to escape if you fall from the third room back into the second. I will also report, now that I've got the crane fiends to cooperate where they are introduced, that Megaman has a very hard time getting the second one to come over and carry him over that pit. Bass, he can just cross it, even if he performed cranefiendocide.

Cryo Man: Indeed, the iffy placement me and Dam described earlier is indeed VERY iffy as Bass. It's extremely hard not to get hit there.

Haste Man: By far the most issues I found here, though one of them is related to the stage section that you intentionally haven't yet messed with. It's long, it relying on Bass' mobility gets pretty old and that orb-gimmick-thing is literally used once. Overall, that's pretty dull. More importantly, I got defeated by Haste Man once, returned with the Ice Beam and then... Haste Man never shows up and locks the game up that way, which right now is a disaster considering how long Bass' section is. Once I finally worked up the motivation to return, I found that it's pretty easy for Bass to lock Haste Man into a pattern and slay him pretty much no damage.

Wily 1: Since Bass can't hit the Big Slammer without the buster upgrade or master weapons, I have to wonder... Is it REALLY all right to be unable to hit it with the buster? Also, I've begun to experience the slowdown that Goldwater had on Big Slammer, but fortunately I defeated the thing before it really got out of hand. If it helps, it rarely ever seemed to drop spikes, so perhaps they're summoned somewhere off-screen and don't get deleted for some reason. When it comes to the fight though, I'm not complaining about fewer spikes dropping. Big Slammer is one of the harder fights in the castle, which says a lot as a lot of the boss battles are actually pretty hard for a first castle (although with Gaton Me that might be me derping).

Wily 2: I take the bit about the Stomper back after I noticed it couldn't get all the way to me. Also, in old news, I still suck at Gaton Me.

Wily 3: Unless you throw Storm Chaser at it, the Yellow Devil Mark III is a nightmare as Bass due to no charge shot and the almost spastic firing pattern it seems to have.

Wily 4: I was a derp earlier when thinking Reaperbot couldn't hit you on the upper platforms, though the first phase isn't much of a threat still. The second phase would have been a threat if not for the fact that, for some reason, it didn't fire bullets at me (though the shot sound still played as tho he did).

Wily 5: More Bubble Boos that are a pain to fight buster only, especially in this stage. The doppleganger is a lot easier as Bass. I also experimented with the star weapon here, and it's an awesome weapon which I resorted to after derping on Breaken for some reason.

Wily 6: I have Haste Man's pattern down now, and it seems he fires that spastic buster weapon if you end up too close to him. Unfortunately, that's also the situation where you're likely to have your face supplanted by bullets. Other than that, nothing new other than the laugh that's showering Wily with stars.

Sondebar 3: (Third on the map, that is)
Yeah, this is where the Bubble Boos become too nasty to fight buster only.

The general Sondebar-Wily ratio: Right now, going from the fake endgame Skull Castle to the real secret endgame Sondebar Base is a bit of a weird transition. Difficulty wise, I feel the build-up towards the early end of the game (without letters) is messed up, and Sondebar doesn't always feel a step up from the Skull Castle. To elaborate:
  • Skull Castle: The stages are easier than most of the Sondebar ones. However, the bosses seem to be on par in difficulty, and Big Slammer and Yellow Devil Mark III (unless I'm missing something in case of the latter) are almost jarring difficulty spikes IMO. Reaperbot is one of the easier castle bosses, definitely and perhaps ironically. Wily Machine, with weapons, is also pretty easy. However, without weapons it might not be so easy. This wouldn't be so bad if its main method of attack wasn't so random. In the end, if you get lucky on the Wily Machine, it's too easy for a boss that can potentially be at the end of the game, and if it's hard, it's often for the wrong reasons. Bottom line: The stages are fine in difficulty, but the bosses are a bit messed up on the difficulty curve. If anything, Wily himself needs to be a difficulty spike, no matter how slight of one.
  • Sondebar Base: Pretty much all of the stages are harder than those in the Skull Castle. The shooter stage is a possible exception, but that's excused by having a drastic, one-stage gimmick. A fair few of the bosses, however, don't live up to the endgame they're in or the bosses in the previous castle, mostly because the Wily bosses can be nasty. Blue November, Mechanahand, Amalgam (if you get lucky), and Remir Robot (because of phase 1 and 3, though 2 is fine), come to mind as slightly easy bosses. Sondebar 1 and 3 come to mind as slightly easy stages. Short version here: Some of the stages and/or bosses can feel a little lacking compared what the Skull Castle is.
Not as many things to report ATM, and I think that'll be it for now until the next major update.
Quote:Not seeing how you can get past it without seeing what it does. Well, other than Rush Coil and double jump. I will say, however, that it isn't entirely clear how exactly they work, which becomes important two platforming challenges in.
If you wanna guarantee they won't use Rush Coil to skip it, you could do something like this:
[Image: ZzymArJ.png]
(22-05-2015, 06:18 PM)TheSkipper1995 Wrote: [ -> ]
Quote:Not seeing how you can get past it without seeing what it does. Well, other than Rush Coil and double jump. I will say, however, that it isn't entirely clear how exactly they work, which becomes important two platforming challenges in.
If you wanna guarantee they won't use Rush Coil to skip it, you could do something like this:
[Image: ZzymArJ.png]

And then Bass can't get past that slide gap.
Quote:And then Bass can't get past that slide gap.
Then have the previous vertical screen be set up like this: Mega Man's slide path leads down to the icicle room and the one on the right can only be reached by Bass' double jump. If Mega Man tries to use Rush Coil to get up there, he'd hit the spikes and die and Rush Jet is too fat to squeeze into the one-tile-wide gap:
[Image: 4V5rv5U.png]
I nitpicky complaint. When Megaman is climbing on ladders, his animation doesn't look centered well, unlike in NES.

Also when he shoots, his butt looks different when just hanging on.

And also, when he is at the top of the ladder where he looked hunched then shoots, its not centered well too.
I have a very odd bug with every sprites inc game.Most of the sprites will have their palettes turned grey and orange for no reason.And when i went into saw mans stage i didnt even get anything to show up at all.This happened with quints revenge aswell but quints revenge let me play the game fully though.


Edit 1:Apparently it only goes black if i try to record it with fraps for some reason.Not sure why
Is there a way to change the format to change 256 colors mode? I haven't figured out how to do it yet and it's causing my screen to not fit the window and the text to go black.
Few things:
1.When starting a level, you can't double jump after doing the very first jump as Bass in the level. This got me when trying to get the 1-up at the beginning of Saw Man's stage.
2.After defeating the defenders in Storm Man's stage, if you jump too high and then go to the next screen. You can get the item you can only get as Mega Man by sliding as Bass too but you're in the wall.If you try to go right,you then somehow go back to the previous screen and get stuck.You can continue on however by trying to go left if you're stuck in the wall.
3.If you've beaten the Red Beam Trap in Blast Man's stage but die before reaching the next checkpoint, you get to fight the Red Beam Trap again but you can go down the ladder and skip it this time but the mini-boss music keeps on playing when progressing unless you die again.
4.Is it just me, or does the theme in Cryo Man's stage go slower and Saw Man's go faster after beating the respective mini-bosses?
5.After dying to Doppelganger, it makes the shooting sound and won't stop unless you go to Doppelganger's room again.Also, you can't slide or dash in the room just before the gate in Doppelganger's stage.
6.You can't go to the weapon selection/tank selection screen just after getting hit, and the crusher mini-bosses like in Cryo Man's and Doppelganger's stage keep trying to crush you even after you pause.