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Full Version: Mega Man Animated Series coming in ̶2̶0̶1̶7̶ 2018
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some snippets from the article:

- Dentsu Entertainment USA has partnered with Man of Action Entertainment to develop a 26-episode animated series based on Capcom’s iconic video game franchise Mega Man™ for the global market

- The new Mega Man series has a target air date of 2017, coinciding with the franchise’s 30th anniversary.

- Man Of Action Entertainment, creators of Ben 10 and Generator Rex

- Marvel called upon Man of Action to produce and write Ultimate Spider-Man and Marvel's Avengers Assemble for their successful launches on Disney XD.

- Under terms of the deal, Dentsu Entertainment holds worldwide broadcast and licensing rights for all aspects of the new Mega Man TV series.

So could be good since both those shows are done really well in my opinion. But best to reserve judgement until the show actually airs. But this is pretty big news for the franchise as a whole. Two years...
Gah they have to make you wait huh? ah well, I rarely have high hopes for these things, but we can only wait...
I think we've been bearing witness to Capcom trying to prime the market for Mega Man's return to video games, and indeed, the public eye as a whole. The internet is still bitter over the numerous cancellations, so Capcom's slowly been introducing him back in various forms. The merchandise, the appearances in other games (Smash Bros.), etc. I think this TV series marks Capcom first step in cashing in on all their patience, and if this is a sign that they're taking a multi-media approach, don't be surprised to see a Mega Man game announced at E3, this season's PAX, or the conference in Tokyo (I forget the name) later this year.
Now watch Capcom cancel it because GRAAR MUST CANCEL ALL THINGS MEGA MAN and then claim not enough people signed up for a mailing list or something.
I'll be interested to see this when it airs at the end of time. I am curious how much of a re-imagination it will be.

“Aimed at kids 6 to 9, as well as parents who grew up playing the video games, the series will follow Mega Man’s newly-introduced alter-ego, Aki Light, a normal, upbeat, schoolboy robot who, when activated, re-forms into a suit of impenetrable armor. Other characters from the games and new characters, including Mega Mini, will also be featured.”


[Image: Zn5EzZE.png]
[Image: thumb_COLOURBOX2566248.jpg]
"impenetrable armour" IMPENETRABLE MY ASS look at how thin his shoulders are

And yeah what the hell kind of design is that. Doesn't look ugly, but doesn't fit at all.
Welp, looks like we found the new TTGTongue
Hmm... Rock's armor doesn't look too shabby.
(26-05-2016, 07:02 PM)Thoron Wrote: [ -> ]Hmm... Rock's armor doesn't look too shabby.


His name isn't Rock here

and for your viewing pleasure:

Mega Mini!

[Image: 4ff62ebfb555686fa390ce461b5c0e3c.png]
oh goddammit i thought smed was just fucking around with that

My opinion of the current situation.
Mega Mini isn't a new character.
[Image: latest?cb=20061008230309]
(26-05-2016, 07:10 PM)Rhythm Wrote: [ -> ]
(26-05-2016, 07:02 PM)Thoron Wrote: [ -> ]Hmm... Rock's armor doesn't look too shabby.


His name isn't Rock here

and for your viewing pleasure:

Mega Mini!

[Image: 4ff62ebfb555686fa390ce461b5c0e3c.png]

Oh good, a annoying sidekick character*rolls eyes*
Ok.. What. What.
Oh great because Ben 10's late-series bullshit totally worked and was well-received the first time

Let's just repeat the exact same "schoolkid with powers" formula what could go wrong

EDIT: My Thoughts On This In A Brief Recording
Okay, the right direction according to the fanbase is generally unknown. I mean come on, that's one of the world's frikkin' big mysteries.

But I have to agree with Lamda: This isn't going to fly. Couldn't they just try to find the middle ground between ridiculously new and boringly old?
It's not even a question of reinventing the wheel--it's reinventing the wheel when the wheel already works for the sole SAKE of reinventing it.

This is MoA Studios, who have multiple shows that all run on the "schoolkid with superpowers" plot baseline--consider that for a moment.

If not for the name attachment this would just be classified as another subpar cartoon--but since it's MM there's quite a big established cast and environment and plot already present. Utilizing that resource pool effectively would not only make production and writing easier on the team, but also would appropriately blend appealing to the older fans as well as having enough new content to reign in younger ones.

But nope--instead it's looking like MoA went with the horse that won them races in the past, rather than take bets on the older horse with a longer race record. Finding a balance between "bring in new audiences" and "keep older audiences able to be interested" isn't easy, with the extremes being fanservice and unnecessary change, respectively.

Looks to me like they're doing the latter and going the route of "THIS WORKED BEFORE LET'S DO IT AGAIN", and so far I have seen no reason to believe they're doing otherwise.
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