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Hey there, members of Sprite's Inc! You may know me, or you probably don't know me, seeing as I don't post often on the forums, but say I'll save the introductions for some other time, eh? Anyway, seeing as how we're in the Webcomic section, I bet you can guess the inevitable Webcomic advertisement, right?

Anyway, for a rather short amount of months now, I've been the author of a Mega Man Classic webcomic! And boy, is it certainly....Something! However, just because it's based on the Mega Man franchise doesn't mean we'll be focusing on the iconic Blue Bomber in this comic. Instead, it focuses on everyone's faaaavorite Robot Master, Cut Man himself! Cut Man's found himself inheriting his very own TV show, which of course follows with it's own mishaps! And following Cut Man pun fashion, it's called Cut's Corner! I'll be honest, it's not going to cause you to have some sort of philosophical epiphany, and the tales of Cut Man's hardship aren't really deep in their own right; It's simple lighthearted fun. If you want to have a quick laugh or chuckle, well then, go ahead and give this a shot if you want. If it doesn't really deliver you laughs though, it's unfortunate but I thank you for giving it a try anyway. And if you really dislike it, I'm always here to throw your rocks at.

Alright, alright, I'm kidding, but if you ever have any reception, feel free to give me an alert sometime; I'm all up for hearing it. Oh, and as for update schedules, I switch between a Monday-Wednesday-Friday schedule and a Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday schedule. I'll be sure to post below any updates however, so you needn't worry about missing anything if you're interested. Anyway, reader, I thank you for your time, and I sincerely hope you check out and enjoy this comic. Until next time! MM - Shades

Cut's Corner!

The Slice of Life (Click to View)
Cutting to His Return (Click to View)
Double-Edged Relaxation (Click to View)
Stab in the Dark (Click to View)
Feeling That in the Morning (Click to View)
Mega Driving Killers (Click to View)
Latest pages are posted, feel free to check 'em out if you wish.
360 Trick Shot
Spiked Progression
Confronted, Cornered, and Panicked
Fool Me Once...
I'm enjoying your comic. Your humor is very self-aware and I think that's what makes it great.
Your characterization is also quite good. I feel like it would be easy to slip into making Cutman something he's not.
Like with Bass. It'd be easy to make him strong and confident in his ability just because it can be fun to write someone as a total badass. But Cutman, while successful, still acts exactly like he would.
Another weekly update is here, feel free to check it out if you're a fan.
Fool Me Once
Castles and Dragons
Old Habits Die Hard
Bad Catch
Yet another weekly update has arrived, and as always, feel free to check it out! No really, go ahead, I won't stop you.
Bottomless Means Eternal Boredom
Annoyance Annoyed By Annoyances
Unkind Reception

And of course, always feel free with leaving reception behind if you have any!
This reminds me a bit of this DC Short.
The latest weekly update for that one Cut Man comic is up, feel free to give it a looksie here.
Shady Dealings
Return to Good Graces
No Exaggeration Here
Wow, super clever! That's a twist I wouldn't have seen coming, but it makes perfect sense.
As the Wily Saga ends and crashes and burns upon itself, it's time for Cut Man to get the downtime he needs. Set your clocks now for how long it'll last.
Workplace Changes
Shifting the Blame
Nuisance of Importance
I always love the alt text. It's a fun little bonus.
What a coincidence, since I love making the alt text myself! Helps me vent out the random humor that tends to grow deep inside me Tongue

Speaking of humor(or lack of), that rascal, Cut Man, is doing more stuff that involves things, find out what those things are!
Just kidding, he's deleting scenes.

His Work Never Ends
Air Man Deleted Scenes
Metal Man Deleted Scenes
The Reveal Deleted Scenes
Maybe you should work in some confession-cam scenes? That might be a neat addition.
You're really taking it far with these reality TV tropes.
I'd really be interested in adding some sort of confession-cam scene in a page one day, I think it sounds fun and certainly sets itself up for comedic potential. Only problem would be how I would fit in the dialogue into the panel, but should be easily solvable with some playing around.

Speaking of pages, the Deleted Scenes have finished up, Holiday Greetings have been spread, and yet only now did Cut Man get home. Check it out here.

Bass Battle Deleted Scenes
Dark Man Bonus Scene
Obligatory Holiday Greetings
No Place Like Home
Another week has flew past, it's 2016 all of a sudden, Cut Man's debating with doctors, and I'm scared. Going by my sense of logic, that means it's time for the Cut's Corner weekly update! Feel free to enjoy it if you so desire.

No Place Like Home
Rolling With It
What's the Deal, Doc?
Defeated is the Doctor
(02-01-2016 11:16 PM)MegaBossMan Wrote: [ -> ]Another week has flew past, it's 2016 all of a sudden, Cut Man's debating with doctors, and I'm scared. Going by my sense of logic, that means it's time for the Cut's Corner weekly update! Feel free to enjoy it if you so desire.

No Place Like Home
Rolling With It
What's the Deal, Doc?
Defeated is the Doctor
Just want to tell you, I fucking love this comic. Please keep it up.
Thanks for the compliment, and unless I happen to hurt myself suplexing a boulder for no reason, I'll try to keep going detailing Cut Man's misfortunes Tongue

While we're on the topic of misfortune, the weekly update for Cut's Corner is up!
Seafood for Dinner
Leading with Laziness
Electric Communication
What is a robot without his purpose in life? Is he set to wander on his own, or perhaps seek out a new purpose? Cut Man attempts to answer this question this week on Cut's Corner in the most sensible way he can.

Boredom's a Bother
Ideas for Enjoyment
Climb this City
Cut Man is my spirit animal tbh. I still love this.
P.S. Will Cut Man survive the fall?
Spoilers: He does not.
Thing is though, Cut Man doesn't have enough vacation days to die, which gives me the ability to keep doing these updates. Also he's a robot and can be repaired easily, but screw all the unnecessary details.

Climb this City
Introducing a Hero
Slander and Explanations
All his Courage
As always, reception is awesome.
Cut Man's back to work, but it's not exactly what he expected. See why he hates his job here!

Lost In Translation
How's the Weather?
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