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Full Version: Surprises and Disappointments
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Basically what games did you think you wouldn't like but ended up enjoying and what games you thought you'd like but ended up hating and why?
List the games that pleasantly surprised you and the games that disappointed you. And by disappoint I don't mean "It's good but not as good" but games that you honestly dislike or don't have what you thought they would have.


I've played the demo years ago and I did feel like it was one of those manipulative games that judged you by how you play games etc. When the full game came out, I wasn't really too interested. Tho a friend recommended it and since I value that friend's opinions I've decided to give it a shot. The first TuToriel dungeon was like in the demo...(which I actually never finished, now that I recall) but while playing I did something. I reloaded the game because I dun goofed and wanted to try again, but then the game caught me off-guard. The game knew I reloaded. I got intrigued and continued onwards and...I kinda fell in love with the game.
And then the game became overhyped as fuck XD. But that won't change me liking the game.

Castlevania: Legacy of Darkness
Or CV 64. Yeah. This game isn't great, but it is better than people give it credit for.As a Castlevania fan I was curious to play this supposedly worst game in the series (a title that Adventure and Legends deserve more). So I just wanted to see how bad it is for myself and... I actually found myself enjoying it. The gameplay is decent, combat simple but fun and I didn't encounter anything rage quit worthy. Cornell's mode might be the best of the bunch, considering it is the only one without a time progression gimmick. I see the issues with the game and it's not my fave, but it is a game that positively surprised me.

Kirby's Dreamland 2
I like most Kirby games I've played...but there are some I was pretty meh about. I guess you can call these games the "Dark Matter Trilogy" as they usually revolve around Dark Matter or 0 as the main antagonist. I also played those games out of order. I played Dreamland 3 first (the only Kirby game that I couldn't bother to beat, it bored me that much to play it), then 64 (which I also initially gave up on but then I picked it up again and beat it) and then 2. I was less than impressed by the sequels so I didn't have high hopes for it. Surprise Surprise, Dreamland 2 might be one of my favourite games in the series. I don't know why this one clicked with me more than the sequels, but I definitely enjoyed it. I guess the fact that it isn't a super easy game helped too.

OK, I gushed long enough, here are the games that disappointed me:

Earthbound/Mother 2

I love Mother 3, that's why it actually makes me sad that I couldn't find Earthbound enjoyable at all. I didn't care about hype and such, I wanted to LOVE this game like everyone else... but I just couldn't. Gameplay wise, Mother 3 improved everything, so the gameplay just felt all kinds of clunky to me. Storywise, I just couldn't get into the wacky 90s shenanigans. And the ending that many people seem to love? I...actually have many things I dislike about it. It was a good idea...but the execution I find was sloppy and the setting just killed any tension they tried to convey. I liked how Mother 1 handled the final encounter much better. And I guess after Mother 3 I just couldn't get over the name "Pokey". He's name is PORKY, he is a friggin swine of a person >___>

Kirby 64
I liked the cutscenes. They were cute. Combining abilities was a cool idea....most of the combinations sucked. Dreamland 2 and 3 had more interesting weapon combinations. The bosses, which are usually my favourite part of Kirby games, sucked. I just beat it in the hopes that atleast 02 would make up for it. He didn't.

Any old school Rare game.

I...don't see it. Donkey Kong Country and its sequels never clicked with me. Banjo & Kazooie seemed fun.... but I just didn't care about going around collecting everything. The games seemed interesting and people like them... but I was just disappointed by them.

Brutal Legend
I thought I'd be getting an awesome hack n slash game with Jack Black and heavy metal and that it would be awesome and that I would be head banging and... Why is there a driving part right at the start? Why do these controls suck? Wait, there are RTS elements? The car is a big part of the game? Ehhhhhhhh.
I feel the same way about Brutal Legend, it sounded awesome but when I actually started playing, I found out the whole game is based off the idea that "You're Jack Black, now isn't that cool" And not really any interesting gameplay elements (Not to mention a terribly mediocre story)
Hagane for the SNES I was expecting to be kind of dull judging by the footage I'd seen. It was actually pretty good, albeit a bit on the brutal side. I actually played Haunted: Halloween 85 at PAX East yesterday and it was also better than I had expected, although certainly nothing mindblowing.
Okay, I'm not sure I have a lot of surprises and failures, given I don't buy games unless I like them already. Also, for whatever reason, I'm not disappointed that often.


For a fair while, I had ignored Splatoon or it went over my head or whatever. Then I watched Vinny play some of it. The more I watched, the more I suspected that I was looking at a well-designed game. After picking it up, my suspicions were confirmed and my expectations were utterly smashed. I don't normally play shooters, especially FPS. My aim wasn't that good, at least at the time. In a game about killing players I would just get destroyed and probably yelled at by people. Splatoon doesn't have any of the problems I'd probably have with other shooters. Its singleplayer helped me get accustomed before tackling multiplayer. Said multiplayer doesn't so much revolve around kills as it does playing cleverly and quite literally claiming turf. You simply won't function unless you ink turf and use it. Even if you can't aim, you can still play for coverage and pull your weight. Snipers aren't a total pain, because you can see where they're aiming (from). Really, between the constantly changing stage selection and random gear abilities to combat typical metagaming habits, effective rebalancing updates and the lack of integrated communication (you're not getting shouted at), Nintendo solves a lot of the problems shooters usually (are said to) have, at least IMO.

I could go on, but here's the short version: Before summer 2015, I was a massive detractor of shooters. Flash forward a few months, I'm playing one passionately not to mention competently. Even now I still think that's a minor miracle.

You wanted miracles and surprises? Hoo boy, my love of Splatoon doesn't make this any less of a surprise! Like Splatoon, Overwatch went over my head mostly. It wasn't until my Splatoon Discord chat started going nuts about it that I began to check what it was. Could I... Nonononono! FPS and resembles Team Fortress 2! Unlike Splatoon, Overwatch is something you need some degree of aim for. It was the type of game where I expected to suck. Similarities to TF2 did it no favors either, because I somehow know that game for its (partly) toxic elite that doesn't let new players learn. I figured I could be held to equally stupid standards in Overwatch.
Still, the open beta was free and there were a few signs that Blizzard knew what it was doing, so eventually I gave in to peer pressure and decided "what the hell I got no cash to lose".

I will freely admit I did a fair amount of research into how some characters functioned. It helped for sure, but I still performed way better than I expected. That is to say, I feel competent playing a genre I had zero faith in. Overwatch itself also exceeded expectations. There were several characters I didn't research, and for most of them I could still what they were made to do. Lúcio in particular is honestly a pinnacle of design: Being a medic is a grueling job, boring even to some people, and you tend to play a completely different game (which can get you confused). Lúcio is capable of healing passively while he fights enemies like more conventional characters do. If that's boring to you, my eyebrows go to space. Long story short: Lúcio is an easy support character to pick up. He's there for people that aren't somehow used to Medic/Mercy. Without him, support would be far harder to play.
On the note of the characters, the massive number of them, most of them balanced, helps. When a team needs healing in TF2, they will pretty much ask/force people to play Medic. In Overwatch, you instead switch to one of four roles with 4-6 options each, which is a far more reasonable demand.

Time will tell what the actual game is going to be like, but so far I can speak of another miracle. I decided to play another FPS, an open beta even, going in with very little in the way of optimism or skill. Liked it anyway. Didn't feel like a loser. Encountered little in the way of jerkassery. Somehow consider paying for it now despite costing a lot. If that isn't a surprise I don't know what is.

And now for one disappointment I know exists for me:

Okay, let me start by telling this is mostly compared to the PC version and to what the 3DS can do. I got myself the PC version because I didn't feel like waiting forever for the 3DS version. Once it came out... well... yeah. The cutscenes were horribly bare compared to the PC version. Pretty sure the 3DS can do better. The endgame was also far, far easier. Do you know what the worst thing is, though?

I beat it in a single day.

Okay, this is a few challenges notwithstanding, but if I can do this to a game, that's a bad sign. Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze gave me a run for my money. The third boss essentially stopped me from beating more of the game on the first day. The PC version of Sonic Generations, in addition to being tough from Crisis City onward, had more content too. I'm willing to look past underutilization of the gaming system if the game is good enough, but dear god I should not be able to best a game in a single day.
Surprises: Nothing

Disappointments: Nintendo, and I don't think i need to bother explaining why
(12-05-2016, 06:06 PM)The Walrus Wrote: [ -> ]Disappointments: Nintendo, and I don't think i need to bother explaining why

There are so many things Nintendo is being criticised on I think you might need to bother explaining why.