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It's finally time! Make a Good Mega Man Level Contest 2 is happening! Most people have probably heard of the original MaGMML, considering it got freaking, coverage by gaming news websites??? But yeah. I'm going to assume most people are familiar with the concept, but for people that aren't - this is a contest inspired by the official contests over at raocow's Talkhaus, the Make a Good Level Contests. They started out as Mario contests, in both SMW and SMBX. One day I was drunk enough to be all like "hahaha let's do that but with mega man!!" and the rest is history. I tried to find Mega Man forums to put this on and so it got put in Sprites Inc and yeah.

The goal of the contest is to, surprisingly, make a good Mega Man level. This is left intentionally vague - it's up to you what's considered good! There are five judges to provide a variety of opinions and balance out any score outliers and such. Highest ranked level wins. Whee. And of course, once the levels are judged, all levels will be compiled into one gigantic hellishly big game, with special bonuses like last game's Wily Fortress and Arena. Now, there's one important thing that I think too many people thought about the first contest - there is no quality control. All levels that were submitted to the original game made it in, and all levels submitted will make it in to this game too (provided that there isn't like blatant NSFW stuff or something).

There's been plenty of improvements in between the last contest and this one. The biggest difference is the fact that instead of Blyka's engine, this is using the Mega Engine by WreckingPrograms. This means 60 FPS, among other things. And on top of that, I'm not the only programmer for the engine - there's actually quite a few other people much better than me at coding who have made contributions, namely Renhoek, The Stove Guy, and Entity1037, and because of this we now have stuff like a camera that fixes scroll errors by itself and a slew of crazy awesome new enemies and stage gimmicks. There's seriously a TON to work with, and because of this team effort, it's easier to make levels than ever before.

You don't need any Game Maker experience to participate - the room editor is very easy to learn, and you can make a good level just fine with just the regular assets. The thing about MaGMML1 is that the levels with custom assets also happened to be the best levels, so please don't think you need to be able to code to rank high! Citadel Basement, the 4th place level, was entirely with provided assets and it's one of the best and most fun levels in the contest because it really uses the Guts Lifts, a provided assets, very well. Again, don't be discouraged!

Another big difference between the two contests is that this contest is actually getting a testing period for the engine Tongue. This is what the Bug Reports thread is for. So if you find any bugs, post them there! So hopefully by the time submissions open (January 1st?) the engine will be safe to use and won't break every five seconds like MaGMML1's did. The devkit will actually be public this time - considering how big this is gonna be I decided there's no point in hiding it, plus there's been like 300 people pming me asking for the original 1 devkit so I'm just going to answer all those by making the 2 devkit public.

Finally, thanks to MaGMML1 being a thing and being very popular after release there's been a significant amount of hype and community stuff being built up. Hence, the asset request thread, the new subforum, etc., plus a Discord that I made that's been a lot of fun being a part of, and I encourage anyone to join it for frequent updates. And because of this community, there's probably gonna be a lot of testing of each other's levels and generally higher quality of levels! In general I'm super looking forward to how this contest is gonna go. On to the other stuff.

1. One stage per person. Pretty self-explanatory.
2. Teams of two are allowed to work on levels together.
3. Custom assets are allowed, but make sure to include all of them with your submission files.
4. Don't modify the original copies of any objects without permission from me.
5. No NSFW content inside levels. If I catch any of this, your level will be disqualified.
6. You can have up to three energy elements in your level. When sending your level, tell me how many your level has.
7. Make sure to title your room lvl(Level Name)_(Username) filling in username and level name with the relevant info. No parantheses. For example, lvlButts_Pyro. If you have multiple rooms, just make it something like lvlButts_Pyro_1, lvlButts_Pyro_2, etc.
8. Suffix your custom assets with your username. For example, objMet_Pyro.
9. Judging this time is supposed to be pretty much anonymous. Keep all level spoilers to #level-showcase on the Discord, or Private Messaging on the forums. If you leak your level, there will be score penalties.

I'll probably remember more later.

1. There are no lives! In my opinion (and many others) lives really only serve to make you redo stuff you already beat, so we got rid of them. 1-Ups just give you a full health refill now.
2. This game will be featuring a new collectible, the Noble Nickel. You can have up to 5 in your stage, but you don't have to have any if you don't want to have them. Collecting all of these items will give a unique reward :3 (it's been decided on already)
3. Not all energy elements will be required to fight Wily. I'd say about 75% of them will be required?
4. If your stage is too hard/obnoxious/long/glitchy/whatever that makes it super incredibly not fun to play, your level might be made skippable, with all energy elements and collectibles available in one special room. This (hopefully) won't happen to too many levels, though.
5. Make sure to test your level!!! City War from the original is infamous for not being tested thoroughly!!!!!!!!
6. Enemy variety is important!! Please don't just make your level filled with Mets, Sniper/Hammer Joes, and Croakers! There's a ton of stuff to work with so don't just stick to the basics!
7. Place checkpoints frequently! No one likes having to redo a ton of stuff whenever they die!

ACESpark has made an excellent tutorial series available in this thread.

- SnoruntPyro
- JupiHornet
- ACESpark
- Enjl
- Garirry

Design - 15. Is it well-designed and thought through, or are the obstacles seemingly randomly placed? Does the level have a proper difficulty curve?
Fun - 10. How much fun was the level to play? How much fun do you think would it be for other people? Were there elements that made/ruined the experience for you?
Creativity - 15. Does the level make good and creative setups with the premade assets, or, if it makes its own assets, did it use them well? Does the level stand out and provide something unique?
Aesthetics - 5. Does the level look fine? Is the music good?
Functionality - 5. Does the level function properly? Are there no glitches with any custom assets? Are there broken screen transitions or camera stuff?

This all is for a total of 50 points. Leaking your level to the judges will be a -5 penalty to your final score. Late submissions will have their scores capped based off how late they were. -2 for each day, so for example a submission 5 days late can only get a max of 40 points.


Aiming - Hornet Chaser
Shield - Jewel Satellite
Special Buster - Grab Buster
Multi-Hit - Triple Blade
Screen Wide - Flash Stopper
Powerhouse - Slash Claw
Ground-Based - Wheel Cutter
Gimmick - Sakugarne
Utilites - Rush Coil, Rush Jet, Super Arrow, Wire Adaptor

Judge order is (Pyro, Jupi, Enjl, Garirry, Ace - Total) in terms of scores. GREEN TELEPORTER means it's skippable.

- Tier 1 (80-75) -
- Tier 2 (74-67) -
- Tier 3 (66-59) -
- Tier 4 (58-51) -
- Tier 5 (50-43) -
- Tier 6 (42-35) -
- Tier 7 (34-27) -
- Tier 8 (26-19) -
- Tier 9 (18-11) -
- Tier 10 (10-1) -

- Judge Breakdowns -
SnoruntPyro: https://pastebin.com/raw/8Eq709zv
JupiHornet: https://pastebin.com/raw/EuRDtyBX
Enjl: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1VFQt_z...A9u4_P3y1g
Garirry: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BwNgH5...HkwZE9pYTA
ACESpark: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1iVlUCT...3tDNkbI5yQ


I am more than happy to participate in this, especially after INC ate my entry to the original contest. DAMN YOU MyBB YOU FUCKEN FLAP

Man, I love contests like these so much. Thank you, Pyro.

maybe i might actual make something this time
I kind of regret not having anything to do with the original MAGMML, so if you're in need of a judge, I wouldn't mind taking that on this time round.
Oh yeah, this is gonna be awesome!! I'm sure you know this already, but I'm definitely in. I'll be voting as soon as I can.

Also, I assume it's going to be one entry (level) per person? Regardless, I've gotta make sure I don't procrastinate like I did on MME, lol.
I literally made an account just now to express my hype(?). How do I join this? I wanna see if I can make myself a boss battle.
hey that's pretty good
I'm curious to see how troll levels will be judged... Wink
Woop woop

What about time slow and oil slider from powered up?
(26-09-2016 08:02 PM)SnoruntPyro Wrote: [ -> ]And the biggest change - in order to prevent the utter trainwreck that was the MaGMML engine, there will be a lengthy testing period with the engine provided through PM, so everyone can constantly comb for bugs in the engine and give suggestions for new features.

Niiiice. Things should go way more smoothly this time around. Can't wait!

(I still say it'd be cool if Glass Marble was a choice in Shield Weapons as a reward of sorts for Glass Man winning the first contest but I guess it doesn't need to be there)
I would actually switch categories for Thunder Beam and Commando Bomb; the former is a powerhouse that always fires the same way, and the latter is aimable.

Also...should Fire Blast be Flame Blast?

Also...very excited this is happening!

Had a blast making a Mega Man level last time, and hope to try again! Here's to another great contest!

Also, question: based on the title post, are we NOT supposed to make a Wily level, or are we expected to make a Wily level? The wording is confusing me a bit.
(26-09-2016 10:03 PM)Pkranger101 Wrote: [ -> ]I'm curious to see how troll levels will be judged... Wink

Hopefully, with extreme prejudice. This is a contest of good game design, not a contest of "how many times can you unfairly kill me."
Really excited to join this time since I missed the first one.

Something I'm curious about was that last time I noticed people could program in anything they wanted, I'm just curious if there's a limitation on that (like an obvious one you're not allowed to modify pre existing objects and such but allowed to program in new ones)

If so then I'd like to apologize to everyone for my entry in advance for my level entry.
Well Pyro,fingers cross if this is an upgrade to the first game(I couldn't even beat it due to the bloody Quickening)
Consider me excited! I'll definitely enter this one as well, and hopefully I'll be able to fix the mistakes I made in the last contest. At least the engine shouldn't be too much of a pain this time around, haha.
If I may make a suggestion, how about using GM Studio for the contest rather than 8.1? It's a free download, so there would be no need to share semi-illegal copies of GM8. Studio's editor is slower and buggier, though, so I can totally understand if you'd prefer 8.1.
Gimme dat engine cuz I think I'll enter!!!
Yay, I'm definitely joining! I can't wait to put my extreme level design skills to the test MM - Coolface
I'd love if all stages of this game was in 8-bit style.
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