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Full Version: [AVGN Joke Game] Sharks In Fucktown
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So I was watching AVGN and a certain part came up:

"How about: You're a shark, and you gotta shake palm trees until trains fall down, and you put the trains in an apple, and then turkeys come and eat the apple, and then the turkeys go up waterfalls, and to get them down you have to collect monkey butts, so you drop the monkey butts on power lines, and then..."

I then thought to myself: I NEED TO MAKE A GAME BASED ON THIS.

ANYONE WITH ME?!?!?!?!?!?!?
It has got to be a hack of Megaman 5, of course being the one in the NES series where enemies flash when hit so you can't rapid fire and has Wave Man's stage, weak weapons that do 1 damage to practically everything and every other annoyance from that game, and of course stupidly-placed enemies in stages where they don't even belong. Smile

I can just picture a tree miniboss which you have to shoot (think of the hippos in Ring Man's stage) to make Metall K1000s fall out, your job being to make sure they drive towards a bottomless pit and into the mouth of a giant apple that moves up and down like Octoper OA, which is the miniboss itself and can only take damage when its mouth is open and it eats a train twenty times. It also continues to fire the ball-shaped shots just like it did in Wave Man's original stage and of course the K1000s are firing their own shots to make it even more difficult. I am guessing that this would have to be in part of Charge Man's stage. Turkeys, waterfalls, monkey butts and power lines will have to be in another stage, maybe Napalm Man...

Of course, with Charge Man's stage out of the way, it's only natural to go to Wave Man's stage, which now contains enemies in the platforming section and then eventually has inexplicable enemies like Sumatrans sitting on top of the water (because cats and water), Apache Joes, Mets with babies, and bottomless pits despite being in the middle of the ocean, the last pit containing a Mizzile as a troll enemy in the inverse of Napalm Man's stage where the final pit didn't have one. And Octoper O'Apple comes back for revenge but now fires Metall K1000s at you instead of the ball-shaped things, and the trains are of course invincible unless firing and will most likely deflect your shots against the miniboss itself, which has been weakened by the trains and now takes 1 damage from your buster (wave bike cannon) instead of deflecting the shots and naturally retains its 20 hit points. Power Muscler is guarding the Beat letter and gives you a window of about two frames to collect it without taking damage because he takes so long to jump up and can't be killed due to the speed of the auto-scrolling and lack of special weapon use while riding the wave bike, and of course you can't jump immediately after taking damage if you do crash into him so chances are you will miss it. Another bottomless pit is found at the end of the water section and must be jumped over while still on the wave bike after the screen scrolls during the seemingly automated part (Kaizo trap) when Megaman is about to jump off the wave bike to solid ground, if you die there it's back to Octoper O'Apple spewing trains.