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Full Version: BBLIR's robot master thread
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I wanted to practice the Mega Man style, so I decided to start making some robot masters.
I have made two so far:
[Image: torch.png]
Torch Man
I originally made him for Bass' Adventure (see here), and he originally looked like this:
[Image: tewrchu.png]

[Image: plasma.png]
Plasma Man

Aside from this, I also have some ideas for other ones:
  • Thirst Man
  • Hydro Man
  • Vapour Man
  • Current Man (current as in electricity)

Feedback would be appreciated.
Made two more;

[Image: colour.png]
Colour Man

[Image: acid.png]
Acid Man
(24-04-2017, 08:41 AM)BBLIR Wrote: [ -> ]Made two more;

[Image: colour.png]
Colour Man

[Image: acid.png]
Acid Man

Another Robot Master:
[Image: gadget.png]
Gadget Man

[spoiler=Now presenting:][Image: purple.png]
the Purple devil!
...again. origin: Mega Man X: Y[/spoiler]

[spoiler=Also, full sheets for Plasma Man and the Purple Devil]
[Image: manofplasma.png]
[Image: prpldevil.png][/spoiler]
You don't mind me saying that Plasma Man looks like a hamburger robot.
Wow, those look so nice! btw, I was looking for spriters for a project. If you're interested, can you please PM me?
A familiar face;
[spoiler=Exept Magmml3 is happening][Image: finalfloe.png]
Floe Man
After hearing the criticism of the judges, I decided to re-do the design and the sprite.
From left to right: the RM weapon pallete, the original design, no icicles and two icicle variations (I based both of them off of Chill Man's tileset)

I did something similar with my MAGMML2 level, but I'll wait until the game's release before I post it (here, probably).

I completely forgot to post it here, sorry.
Dear lord, I completely forgot about this thing.

[Image: gear.png]
Gear Man
Good night.