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Full Version: Basic Mega Man Engine (GM Studio 1.4)
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This is a very, VERY early WIP on a mega man engine for Game Maker Studio called "Basic Mega Man Engine". It's currently closed source for now, but I might make it open source if people want it as a simpler alternative to the "Mega Engine" by WreckingPrograms

Right now it currently has:
-Pixel-Perfect Object based collision
-Walking, Side Stepping and Jumping
-Ice Physics
-WhiteMasks for Color Swapping
-2 enemies (Sniper Joe (MM2) and Met (MM9))
-1 Weapon (Mega Buster)

What will be included in the Final Version:
-Pixel-Perfect Object based collision
-Walking, Side Stepping and Jumping
-Ice Physics
-WhiteMasks for Color Swapping
-5 enemies (Sniper Joe (MM2), Met (MM9),Big Stomper(MM9),Telly (MM2) and 1 TBA)
-9 Weapon slots (1 Mega Buster with ChargeShot, 6 RBM Weapons and 2 Rush Weapons)
-6 Weapons (Mega Buster, Ring Boomerang, BlackHole Bomb, Leaf Shield, Water Wave, Rush Coil and Rush Jet)
-A MM1 Styled Stage Select with a MM2 Styled Stage Start Screen
-A Custom Weapon Get Screen based on MM2 Styled Stage Start Screen
-and possibly more!

Updates will be posted when more to the engine is added.

Special Thanks to:
Sprites Inc.: For feedback and Sprites
Wreaking Program: For inspiration, and is Draw Self Code
Blyka: For inspiration
CardinalCoder64: For their Pixel-Perfect Object based collision
DynoStorm: For his Metrovania Camera/Room tutorial

MOVEMENT TEST DOWNLOAD: https://www.dropbox.com/s/wuy9mwjrebqp00...-.zip?dl=0

This Demo includes:
2 Weapons - MM1-3 Mega Buster, MM4 Ring Boomerang
2 Enemies - MM2 Sniper Joe, MM9 Met


Arrows - Move
Z - Jump
X - Shoot
Z+Down - Slide
A - Switch Weapons

Any tips and constructive criticisms are welcome!
This looks very interesting! I'd love to see how much progress it makes!
Just curious, but did you make this engine using a paid version or a free(older, because the newer free versions are too limited for their own good) version?
(10-06-2017, 11:26 PM)Hilman170499 Wrote: [ -> ]Just curious, but did you make this engine using a paid version or a free(older, because the newer free versions are too limited for their own good) version?

Game Maker Studio 1.4. My Laptop can't run GM : S 2, plus GM: S 1.4's Free version is better anyway.

Added landing sound and improved the Running/Jumping code to make it less confusing. Also added direction index.

Right now, I'm coding the basic mega buster.

Fun Fact: When I first tried to get the landing sound to work, it made the sound multiple times. I looked up a solution and it was rather easy.
Added Mega Buster!
Improved Jumping and Running Code!
Now I'm working on health and more weapons.
I plan to add alternate color palettes from WreakingProgram's tutorial.
V.04 exe out for download!

contains bubble lead (abit Buggy, but will fix it)
Sliding (For some reason, it only work after a jump, need help fixing it....)

Will work on color swapping! and maybe fix the slide....
Decided to cut Sliding and make a MM2/9 style engine instead

V.03 is now out for download!

Bubble Lead now works better!

Now, working on other things for this example.

Development has shifted to GM 8.1, as it runs much better than GM: S.

Change Log:
Metal Blade added, 95% done.
Bubble Lead added, 80% done.
Charge Shot and Sliding are added, 99% done.
Color Swapping, coded by myself.

Currently Working On:
Health and Weapon Bars.
A Test Boss. (Might be Flame Man from MM6)
and More Weapons from other Games.

Tips and constructive criticism are welcome!
While no download is available for now, I'm still working really hard on this engine.

Here's a few things added since the last update:

- Better Charging Sprites system, using alarms. It's abit fast, so I'll make a declaimer warning screen for epilepsy.
- Laser Trident Added.
- Scripts, so some characters can use the same scripts.
- Player Parent, so multiple characters can be made.
- Decent Climbing.
- A Very Early Character Select.
- A Second Character. (Imposter Mega Man)

Here's what to expect for the next update:
- Proto Man. (MM 10/MM CCR Style)
- Title Screen
- Better Character Select
- Last 3 Weapons, making total RM weapons 6. (MM 1 Style)
- Level Select (MM 1 Style/6 Robot Master)
- Among Other Things!

Fun Facts!:

- The way I do color swapping is using multiple sprites recolored, with certain weapons having special sprites. Charging sprites use stand, walk, jump, slide , hurt and climbing sprites. each level uses 3 frames. It's not the best way to color swap, but it works for me.

- Imposter Mega Man's a joke character. Can't say what he's a parody of just yet, but you'll find out next update!

- I plan to have 4 characters for this engine (Mega Man, Proto Man, Bass and Imposter Mega Man.)

Tips and constructive criticism is welcome.
[Image: eV3LoOs.png]

Here's a early look into the pause menu. It's not 100% done yet, but it looks fine right now.

As you can see, the center of the pause menu contains a Weapon/Items Info section. I added to make it look more full, as I'm only including 6 RM + 2 Rush Items.

ANY Feedback is welcome! Seriously, I'd like some feedback here!
Looking great dude! More projects means more mega man. And I'm always on board with that. Best of Luck!

So, I've been really working hard on a potential fan game, which I'll make a thread when I get a mini demo out.

Here is some sprites! Enjoy! MM - 1up

[Image: C2GGM35.png]
[Image: tlJtnrf.png]

Robot Masters (4 of 6) + Emerald (OC)
[Image: ZxXP7sH.png]
[Image: KnKFisE.png]
[Image: myWkOXL.png]
[Image: nAfgfJa.png]
[Image: TzjK1mH.png]

Feedback is welcome!
The layouts look nice. Might I make a recommendation? Try darker background colors. As it is, the color scheme is a little hard on the eyes (for me, at least ).
(04-08-2017, 04:09 PM)guitarShark Wrote: [ -> ]The layouts look nice. Might I make a recommendation? Try darker background colors. As it is, the color scheme is a little hard on the eyes (for me, at least ).

I'll take it into consideration!

What did you think of the robot masters?
I LOVE BatteryMan.
IcicleMan looks just right for his name.
I like the basic idea of Inferno woman, but for some reason she looks too small to me. MM bosses usually have a little more girth.
Screech Man is sweet. He's a walking set of speakers! I love it.
Emerald reminds me of Middy. The design is fine, but I feel like there might be a better way to make him standout. The others have such personality built into them, so he feels kind of generic in comparison
Here's some Good News & Bad News.

Bad News:
- I've decided to recode my Mega Man Engine from scratch, since my original coding was messy, buggy and not worth continuing on. Plus, I shifted from GM 8.1 to Studio 1.4.

Good News:
- Studio 1.4 now works on my computer.
- Studio 1.4 is more recent, and less buggy to work with than 8.1.
- I still have my sprites for my currently unnamed Fan Game.
- I added WhiteMasks! Big Grin
- I have a name for my engine. "Basic Mega Man Engine".
- I may release it as open source, when it's completed.

The first/main post has been updated to show off what's been done so far.
Just updating to tell you I'm not dead! Been working on the engine on and off and have recently getting plans for what the engine will include:

- MM4 Gameplay (Charge Shot + Slide)
- A Stage Select based on Mega Man 1
- 5 Enemies (MM1/9 Mets, MM2 Sniper Joes, Big Stomper from Mega Man 9, and the other 2 are TBD)
- A Example Boss (Ring Man)
- 4 Example Weapons (Crystal eye, Leaf Shield, BlackHole Bomb, and Ring Boomerang) and Rush Coil

I'll post a update soon, hopefully in the next few days.
[Image: eeFJSXA.gif]

Here's the Stage Start screen for Robot Masters, based on Mega Man 2.

Also, I added the "Ready" text and added a teleport-to-stage object.

Hope to show off some gameplay next time!
[Image: wxJjVgF.gif]

Some (very early) gameplay footage, with some noticeable improvements from my old engine.
Finally added the sidestep, and some fixes to Shaun Spalding's Collision code, thanks to YoYo fourms user MaddieMichael.

Next update will include Weapons and a Enemy or two.
So, the reason why there's another Mega Man GM engine is to have one that's more "simpler" than WreckingProgram's Engine?

Not really crazy about Game Maker, but I suppose the progress looks okay. I guess it doesn't hurt to have more than 1 engine. Perhaps some competition of all the other Mega Man engines (including my own), I suppose.
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