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Full Version: Legacy Collection 2 Artwork Uploaded
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All the artwork in the Museum for Legacy Collection 2 is now up.

EDIT: Some of the challenge mode exclusive sprites are also now up.
That Splash Woman concept art is adorable! owo

Also Mega Man 10's concept art has some pictures that were drawn in a realistic style? It looks pretty neat
[Image: c36128804c85149333d12962aa493d39.png]
Um, so how did you get into the files?
(12-08-2017, 10:56 PM)megarockexe Wrote: [ -> ]Um, so how did you get into the files?

ACE wasn't able to this time around, he just texture dumped everything.
While the game's files are in a zip file again, unlike Legacy Collection 1, the password for said zip isn't accessible by means such as Cheat Engine. Or if it is, it's beyond me.