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Full Version: SNES charge shots remade with PSX partciles
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My request is kinda occult, a long time ago I found a website that had X's charge shots from the SNES games remade with recolored effects from the charge shots of the PSX Mega Man X games.

I don't remember the site, it had a black background and there were few other edits of other games, I loved those effects and I can't find them on any of my HDD.

Does anyone have them saved? or know where I can find them?

This is an example of how they kinda looked:[Image: F2Uuhnj.jpg]
Its from a old sprites-inc member:
[Image: cmxpdab7_by_fxfreitas-d7pzce3.png]
The sprites are public domain, but credit Blackbeltdude or he will break your thumbs.

Well I've made the X1 shot for my Zero sprites so you can find them in my DA, X3 shots was unconverted.
I was looking for these just yesterday
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