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Full Version: Podcast - Mega Man 11 Discussion
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Myself, Rhythm, Mick and Lamda discuss the recently announced Mega Man 11 in this rather lengthy podcast. Theories are discussed about what footage we have shown, and we give our general thoughts on what might just come up with this new game.
[Image: ep_13.png]

Due to a ongoing bandwidth issue, we're hosting this on google drive for now:

Admittedly I don't do my fair share of talking this time round, mostly due to this being recorded around 3am my time, so it is mostly Mick, Rhythm and Lamda talking.

Lamda being Lamda, swearing is uncensored in this podcast.
you fuckin' know it

actually it was because due to having to edit together three separate recordings to get the best vocal clarity possible, censoring the fuck words actually made parts of some of the conversations hard to hear or outright indiscernible
So...did everyone forget about Megaman 8 allowing you to use the buster at the same time as the special weapon?