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Full Version: Shadow and Gaea armor's happens to have boss weapon palettes.
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Hey, first time here! MM - 1up

So while fucking around with cheat codes on both MMX5 and MMX6, I decided to try out those fancy armor codes, that forcefully changes to selected X armor no matter what other armor you select before going into a stage.

But the best part about those codes is that you can make Shadow or Gaea armors have boss weapons equipped, even though they shouldn't able to equip them in the first place!

Which also means that we are able to see new color palettes for these armors, which makes them completely unused without some usage of cheat codes!

But currently, I only happen to have screenshots of these armors to showcase, so sprite rips for them would be nice.

[attachment=2001]Yammar Option
[attachment=2002]Ground Dash
[attachment=2003]Ice Burst
[attachment=2004]Meteor Rain
[attachment=2005]Guard Shell
[attachment=2006]Metal Anchor
[attachment=2007]Magma Blade
[attachment=2008]Ray Arrow

More screenshots

[attachment=2010]Dark Hold
[attachment=2012]Gel Shaver
[attachment=2013]Ground Fire
[attachment=2014]Spike Ball
[attachment=2016]Wing Spiral