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Full Version: Second time's the charm?
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Replaced the skin yet again. Let me know if this looks any better and if I can do stuff to improve it. Consider it still WIP but I am rather tired and may not notice issues, so feel free to point them out.

For those wondering, one of the main impetuous for the change was how horrifically out of date our version of MyBB was, it's now up to date. This completely rendered the old design unusable so I've had to simply sort out a new one.
Looks like all the functions are intact and it doesn't look too bad.
Spoiler tags aren't working with the redesign.

EDIT: They're working again now! Yay!

EDIT 2: It seems that nested spoilers don't work like they did in the past:
This is a spoiler.
[spoiler]And this is a spoiler inside another spoiler.
And this text is back inside the top spoiler again.
Something doesn't really feel right with this skin. It looks like a badly loaded CSS. There's a bunch of white borders around stuff which looks really weird. Also the quick navigation on the left really doesn't match with the rest of the theme. Anyway hopefully you can sort it out.
Ehh....... I usually don't like new set ups, but I suppose this is going to take some time to getting used to. Undecided
Definitely an improvement over the version I commented on before, and this feels enough like an evolution of the old design that it still feels like the same website. I'm still open to more tinkering, like what Garirry suggested, but I'm also comfortable with things as they are now. The only thing that really threw me off was while replying to a forum post; it was weird to see the fully formatted quote in my text editor window instead of the usual [quote] code.
I noticed that now the buttons on the right like the main pages and sprites are absent once I'm logged out, and a friend said they can't see them even when logged in. Is this intentional?
That's weird doom, cause its the same code as before for the sidebar, so I'm not sure what would cause that. What browser are you and your friend using so I can test?
Well that was weird. Me and one of said friends checked again and it works just fine now. They and I use Chrome by the way. Seems to work for the other person as well.
Might've just been a cache issue.
Just a thought, but is there any way we could get a dark skin for the site? Maybe make it like Bass colours to fit the style?
Went to the Games & Media tab to download old Mega Man Revolution. But nope, the page is down ;-;
(24-05-2018, 04:21 AM)Entity1037 Wrote: [ -> ]Went to the Games & Media tab to download old Mega Man Revolution. But nope, the page is down ;-;

I’m going to try and rebuild that page this weekend. I’m unsure why it just up and vanished with the code but it think it was due to MyBB updating.

I may have the page info hiding somewhere in the code along with the game data