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Full Version: Why does everyone hate Ultimate Spider-man?
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I liked it. And it seems everyone else doesn't. I'd like someone to elaborate.
I'm assuming you mean the show an not the comic.

The artstyle the writing the jokes the way some of the characters are portrayed.

It's not awful but it's not terribly good either.
Yeah, I'm taking about the show. I liked the art style... Though I agree that it's kinda stupid that these professional super heroes are portrayed as morons. Though I thought Aunt May was funny. Usually when I hear something about it it's something along the lines of "I only suffered through the first three episodes" or "God that show was fucking awful". Confused The Ultimate Universe Comics are fucked up because of Ultimatum.
whoahoho never knew this section was here

I don't like Ultimate Spiderman because it's basically ruined by cheesy forced jokes like 4th wall Spidey (You're not Deadpool!)

It has nice action scenes though.
What Rags said.

It's decent most of the time, but a lot of its intended humor and the like often is too forced to be taken as it ought to be, which kills the entire thing.