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Full Version: Introduction Thread
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New people post here. It doesn't have to be your first post nor is it required. It does give a us a general idea of who you may be.

EDIT: BTW I am also Chrystal Chronicler from the old forum.
I'd think it would be a good idea that old people from the old forum post here when they register for here.
Might help people keep track of who's made it over.

Anyways, I'm the same old NDraxian0, likes to sprite, tends to lurk. dominates in the sprite comic area when comics are actually produced.
This is me, grand overlord ACE_Spar... I mean... Pinkie Pie.

In spite of the name I am not a pony.
What is this painfully bright theme? I hope you'll be making one akin to Midnight =p

And I need no introduction. Though who's the C guy?
Evenin' bitches
(06-05-2012, 09:03 PM)zyros Wrote: [ -> ]Though who's the C guy?

Crystal C-something
Chrystal Chronicler
Hello I'm Cobalt. I will probably be the one giving your sprites some criticism. I want your best!

And I speak portuguese in case you need someone who does that.
Fuzion Phoenix here, under a new handle!
Squee is here to make your lives better.
And I, the resident Blue Lantern, have arrived as well.
Hey, I'm back. Hopefully I'll lurk less and sprite more. (and post...)

I wonder when there will be a new contest...
Funny, I joined only two weeks or so ago and we do a forum move. That seems to happen to me a lot.

Anyways, Blackmore Darkwing is my username. Getting better at spriting is my goal. I wouldn't call myself a "veteran" of the previous SI, but I lurked around there for a very long time.


nice to meet you.
On the scene!!

Hello members new and old, NeoMan here! Please do present your work and try to improve even if it seems lost. Remember, there are always heroes!
How'd I miss this thread?

I'm Sovietcommando.

I've been here for a while now. (Has it really been 7 years already?)

I'm the resident sprite artist sprite request fulfiller?
my names c0mp1337 but you guys can call me comp or c0mp whatever you like. i joined not too long ago with the name of painistolean and you guys know the rest.

let's all get along shall we
Sup. Why does this shit exist?
And I am Jace, the Sexiest Man Alive. Been here just as long as Sov it seems. Maybe a year less?
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