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Full Version: Happy Birthday Thread
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Because we didn't have one yet

If any of you post in here on July 4th I will murder all of you

So let's start this off with a Happy Birthday to Blues Soul!
Haha, the moment I realised "oh hey, the new forums probably don't have one yet!" I come here and find this.
A very welcome surprise, thank you very much!
Happy birthday, blue-colored fellow!
Happy birthday blues-soul also known as
Happy Birthday Type-Blues.exe. :D
Happy Birthday. Contrary to your avatar. :p
Because I feel like it should be done, happy birthday to pharos04 (according to my time zone).
Happy birthday pharos04.
Thank you guys! Forgot that there was a birthday thread here!
happy birthday pharos04, and keep up the good work on your comic, it's great!
Happy Birthday Blackmore Darkwing. :D
Happy Birthday 'Darkwing.
Oh hey, I actually got birthday wishes, I am mildly surprised. Thanks guys.
Happy birthday Blackmore Darkwing. You're a pretty cool guys so of course you'd get a few birthday wishes.
Must have missed that day. Happy Birthday Blackmore Darkwing
It's your birthday Zork! Or is it?
Happy birthday ZORK
Have a happy birthday Zork.
Happy Birthday Dameon. :D
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