Click on the Application to set the focus.


* Left and Right Arrows - Move
* Up and Down Arrows - Control Bounce
* Shift, Control, Z or Space - Booster Dash
Version 1.6c:
* Filesize halved. Long story short, I included a 4 minute song in a position where there should've been a minute long one. Again.. Derp.
* "Gutsman's Ass" no longer bugs out the music.
Version 1.6b:
* Continuing the "how did ACE forget to code this" trend.. you can now return to the title screen after going to the High Score screen. Derp.

Version 1.6:
* Fixed a collision detection glitch.

Version 1.5:
* Added a more obvious indication that Quint is dashing.
* ... erm.. coded the "Don't Submit Score" button, heh.

Version 1.4
* High score screen added.