The Warning system from the old forums has been re-introduced, and there are set warning levels.
But hopefully, we won't have to resort to that. That said, just because there's a warning system, doesn't mean there aren't cases that we will not hesitate on banning you instantly for breaking the common boundaries of human decency.

But here are the "basics", just in case we need to specify.

0) One account per person. Duplicate accounts will be banned. If the same IP address requires different accounts, please inform the staff beforehand!
1) No Introduction threads, there is a specific Topic for that, introduce yourself here!
2) This is an English speaking forum, please post in English!
3) On that regard, no l33t speak, mass smiles or messenger like conversations.
Please try to use proper capitalisation, attempt to spell correctly, and punctuation is a must.
4) Avoid double posting in the same topic. You can update your spriting or art threads with multiple posts, but there's an edit button for a reason!
5) Racism and Homophobic Comments are not permitted. Also, be tolerant of other people's Religion's and Beliefs.
6) Post in the correct sections! If you've got a forum game, goto the Forum Game section, and if you're posting about your new Fangame, go there! They're spelled out.
7) Do not hijack people's threads, and avoid derailing them.
8) No warez, roms, serials, etc. Period. Don't post them. Don't ask for them.
Savestates, cheats, and emulators are fine, as are rom hacking utilities. Rom hacks themselves are fine provided they are in patch format and don't contain the rom itself.
9) No Porn. That includes you Sven.
If posting something vaguely NSFW, mark it as such, and use the Spoiler tag if posting images.
(Spoiler Tag is currently borked, but typing in the [spoiler] code still works.)
10) DON'T BUMP TOPICS THAT ARE OVER FOUR MONTHS OLD! If a topic is dead, it's dead. Leave it be.
Updating a topic such as a sprite thread or game development thread with additional content is fine.
11) Avoid posting overly large images. If you run the risk of stretching the forum, then put the image as either a link or in spoiler tags.

Rules are updated when Necessary. The overall main rule of these forums is:

Notes for New Members:
* You can't edit your signature until you have a couple or so posts.
* Avoid posting links when you first join, or the Anti-Spam settings may kick you to the curb!
* That's about it. Have fun.

Chat-specific rules
* Don't flood chat.
* Certain topics are purposely avoided in chat due to being considered hot-button topics. Ask a mod or admin for more details if needed.
* Try to avoid posting large images since they clutter up chat. Post links instead if it's larger than roughly 15 lines of chat or around 300px tall. Keep in mind that not everyone uses the same screen resolution as you and entire conversations could vanish with the posting of one picture.
* Please do not go overboard with memes/images/4chan-isms/etc that every once in a while might be amusing, but an excessive onslaught of images and references may be considered annoying to others in chat. (examples: doge)
* Just treat each other with respect, ok?

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