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Site Update; Archive Info update - Rhythm - 03-09-2015

So just a quick rundown of some of the behind-the-scenes things happening.

First, after addressed by Metalman in the other post, a link back to the Castlevania section has been added to the sidebar. Yes we have a Castlevania section. Yes it hasn't been updated in about 6 years. Yes I will get to it at some point in the near future. POINT OF NOTE: the "Forum" link still links to the old forum link for Inc cause....well 6 years of dust. Clicking on the "return to Mega Man section" will bring you back to the main inc site. This will be addressed at some point when i start tinkering in the html and breaking everything.

I will be...messing around with certain site things to see if I can get more specific styles for certain sections, such as the PD and the CV sections. My goal is to make each major section (Official Mega Man, Public Domain, Castlevania) be unique enough to each other as well as subdivided on the sidebar for the specific section that you're in. Confused yet? good.

To make room for the Castlevania tab, one might notice some movement in the upper section. The Games and Media section have been combined into a....Games & Media section! You'll still find all the links to the games to download there as well as the media such as podcasts and whatever else we have there.

Star Force is getting there....ish. As you may have seen, the landing page is already set to the new style (yay a year in the making!) as well as some of the main characters. I will be tackling the games as soon as motivation kicks in. Possibly by Sunday.

Some behind the scenes stuff that wouldn't likely be noticed but should deserve some recognition:

The Mega Man 8 weapons have been reripped by DarkSamus993. The colors are much more intact as well as we have ALL the weapons now. for some reason 3 were missing, as well as proper coloring for the Rock Ball.

Also very much worth mentioning, the Mega Man Anniversary Collection has been ripped and mostly uploaded to the site. Got a couple of things still to add but mostly, it's up.

And that's really it for now. More updates to come!

RE: Site Update; Archive Info update - DWN-060 Clownman - 03-09-2015

In case the changes don't show up (it didn't for me at first), you need to clear the cache in your browser or do a hard refresh (CTRL+F5).