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It Is Done (The Archives that is) - Rhythm - 15-09-2015

well then....that took almost a year....

Some days I honestly never thought I would get to this point. Especially with certain games having some sections with subsections and subsections to the subsections and subsections to the subsections to the subsections...curse you X6....

Wait what am I talking about? Why, silly goose...


*throws a small amount of confetti into the air*

Yes as of this moment I just completed the Starforce section, bringing it in-line with the task I set forth back in October of last year. So as per usual, please check the links and redirects to ensure everything is where it needs to be. I being the one who set it up, likely won't catch it on my own.
[Image: linebreak.gif]

Other archive news:
DarkSamus is still hard at work with the major ZXA overhaul. As soon as that is finished it will be uploaded and greeted with much fanfare. Hopefully it won't restart the ZX fad MM - Pokerface

Ontop of that, he has been busy finding missing assets from our Rockman Battle & Fighters section in Classic. All of those will be uploaded as they filter down. Guy is a wizard with ripping for us.

And a new addition to the site
[Image: MegaMan.png]
Whatever the hell this is. Some sort of appearance in a new Nintendo game or something, i dunno....

RE: It Is Done - The Walrus - 15-09-2015


RE: It Is Done - Zynk - 15-09-2015


Seriously, I wonder if Megaman's sprites here is interchangeable (same scale) with the SMB NES sprites. Aside from Mini Mario, I think it will be easy to replace Big Mario with Megaman, then getting a fire flower makes Megaman shoot fireballs!