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Update on the Proposed Tutorials - ACESpark - 19-09-2015

A year or so ago I announced I had begun recording tutorials for Multimedia Fusion and creating a Mega Man game... well there's a bit of a problem with that.

A) My time is going to be eaten up very quickly lately due to the fact I've re-entered the education system and
B) Sometimes the tutorial's teachings, looking back on them were flawed and not that helpful.

The latter issue left me with the prospect of re-recording all 10 or so of the tutorials I had recorded, a tall order and one of the reasons the tutorial section has sort of languished without updates. I have a solution to the problem - rather than a tutorial, I propose to simply build an open-source Mega Man Engine for Clickteam Fusion 2.5.
Working on Revolution, Sibre, Quint's Revenge, the Christmas Carol series and even with N64Mario's old engine (which sadly is no longer compatible with the latest versions of Multimedia Fusion/Clickteam Fusion) has taught me much in the game making process, and I am convinced I can build an easy to use workable engine for anyone to use - so that is what I'll be doing instead of the tutorials.

Some of the tutorial videos may still be of use to people, as they were requests at the time of recording and were uploaded as unlisted videos to satisfy specific people.
I'll happily reedit and re-upload those if needed.

These are:
a) Changing screen resolution and keeping it pixel perfect.
b) Creating a Yellow Devil.
c) Making Mega Man change colour efficiently.
d) Making a Mega Man style camera system. This ones a bit outdated, but it was the camera system used by Quint's Revenge.

As for recording new ones in the interim, I'd happily record the following as you await news on the open source engine:
a) Making a Mega Man camera system. (This one's much easier to work with.)
b) Making customisable controls.

Any Multimedia Fusion/Clickteam Fusion users out there let me know if you want the tutorials up or not. In the mean time, I have a Mega Man engine to build.

(And for those wondering about SIBRE, the engine I'm building is basically the same engine for that game, so work done to the open source engine is work done to SIBRE.)

As an aside, I am considering making Quint's Revenge open source, in case anyone wants to have a look at that game's code.

RE: Update on the Proposed Tutorials - Smedis2 - 19-09-2015

I certainly wouldn't mind you uploading the tutorials. As someone who's not entirely well-versed with some of the more complex and weird things in Fusion (I can't even make jumping enemies/bosses properly, so that essentially speaks for my skill level), it would be nice to have you break down some of the concepts and such so people can understand them better.

RE: Update on the Proposed Tutorials - Scorpio - 20-09-2015

Question: Is Fusion 2.5 compatible with Multimedia Fusion Developer 2 (which is what I use)?

RE: Update on the Proposed Tutorials - ACESpark - 20-09-2015

Unfortunately not. Clickteam did some pretty major updates to Fusion and it's very hard to go back a version. Plus the engine is being made with some of the features that Clickteam Fusion has in mind.

Some of the tutorials might be though.

RE: Update on the Proposed Tutorials - Techokami - 22-09-2015

Clickteam Fusion 2.5 is a somewhat major upgrade over Fusion 2. (But not the massive overhauling Fusion 3 is going to be!)
Stuff made in Fusion 2 is compatible with Fusion 2.5, but the MFA format was changed to accomodate for some new functionality so it's not backwards compatible.
You can request an upgrade from your existing Multimedia Fusion 2 Developer license to a Clickteam Fusion 2.5 Developer license, it's fairly cheap to do so and you can still continue to use your copy of Fusion 2! I think the price to upgrade is $40? It was $30 when Fusion 2.5 released...

As for the tutorials, all of the proposed reuploads would be very, VERY useful for any kind of game project, fan or original. Especially screen resolution changing and customizable controls, as those trip people up big time. Also good would be the color changing, as the only example I can think of offhand is the color cycling function in Sonic Worlds Delta for Super Sonic. And if you got a better method that doesn't require multiple object masks, I'm all ears.

RE: Update on the Proposed Tutorials - Entity1037 - 23-09-2015

I've actually been making an open-source Mega Man engine from scratch in Java using lwjgl all by myself for a little over a year now. I'm partly using it as a learning experience as I am currently a high school senior, but it's pretty far into development, and I've been working hard at it to make sure it's code is well structured and comprehensive, and that it controls fantastically. Though you are more experienced than me, so your engine would probably be more polished than mine. I'd be very interested to see your engine's code (and those video tutorials you made).

RE: Update on the Proposed Tutorials - ancoldsun - 05-10-2015

(19-09-2015, 09:37 AM)ACESpark Wrote: As an aside, I am considering making Quint's Revenge open source, in case anyone wants to have a look at that game's code.

It will be absolutely awesome if u can make Quint's Revenge open source .
If this happens, people who interested in making fan game like me can learn many things from the game code Tongue

RE: Update on the Proposed Tutorials - Techokami - 07-10-2015

Yeah, I too would like to see an open sourced version of Quint's Revenge! That would be an incredible example for people to study from.