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Online High Scores Functional Again - ACESpark - 28-09-2015

See, it only took... what... a year? MM - Derp

The online high score tables are working again for Christmas Carol 2, Remix and Quint's Bomb Rush. Hurrah.

Couldn't restore the scores or anything, but hey, they're working again at least!

And Quint's Bomb Rush has borked again... working on it... I appear to have gotten it to work again, so all's good on that front.

EDIT: Update on the Quint's Bomb Rush issue - it appears to not want to submit scores in Window's 10's new browser. I'm not sure how to actually fix this one. Other browsers work fine though.

Update 2: A derp in file for Christmas Carol Remix's scoreboard meant that usernames weren't being submitted. That has been fixed but I'm afraid the scores currently posted do not have names attached to them. Sorry about that!