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Inc Awards are Coming! - Rhythm - 01-11-2015

It's November!! And you all know what that means...Thanksgiving is just around the corner!! Turkey and the fixin's and football and just all around.....wait that's not this post? Oh right.


I will make the official post in the coming weeks detailing all the guidelines for each award. This being the 4th one, and being standard practice, I'm including the nomination sheet for Awards here so you can start filling out your nomination ballot.

Quote:Wedge Award (Best New Member):
Booblight Award (Sexiest Member):
Deadchat Award (Chattiest Member):
Beat Award (Friendliest Member):
“Original the Character” Award (Worst Character Design):
Reggae Award (Strangest Member):
Favic Award (Worst Member):
Spam Award (Most Active Smeghead):
Tetris Award (Best Forum Game:
Spike Award (Best Streamer):
Iris Award (Most Overdramatic Member):
Auto Award (Funniest Member):
Roll Caskett Award (Best Critic):
Chiptune Award (Best Musician):
Doc Robot Award (Most Multi-Talented Member):
UDON Award (Best Artist):
Rubber Mega Man Award (Best Animator):
Saga Award (Best Original Story):
Quill Award (Best Writer):
Rush Award (Most Helpful Member):
Zero Award (Most Improved Design):
Smash Award (Most Anticipated Project):
BnG Award (Best Comic):
Rockman Award (Most Creative Fan Game):
Tempo Award (Best Original Character (Characteristics)):
Inafune Award (Best Original Character (Design)):
Pixel Master Award (Best Spriter):
Ace Award (Best Member):

NOMINATIONS WILL OPEN ON BLACK FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 27TH...I will not be accepting nominations until then. If you have any questions or would like some clarification, please ask so there is not miscommunication or misunderstanding. Good luck to everyone!

RE: Inc Awards are Coming! - Rhythm - 12-11-2015

The actual Awards post is now LIVE!!!


come check out the parameters for some of the awards and get your nomination sheets ready for the big event!