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New Features/Things I'm Trying To Add - ACESpark - 06-05-2012

Couple of things:
What's New:
a) The biggest change, aside from the fact this is a new forum, is the addition of Chatbox.
This is basically Flashchat... without the need for flash, and therefore it should work better.
I hope it works better, because I had to actually pay for it. Dodgy
I'm going to try and be online as much as possible, so I might be easier to get a hold of. Blackhook can also bug me over the fangame there.

b) There is now a spell checker. You I no longer have an excuse for shite spelling.

c) Anti-spam features up the wazoo.
Well. In theory anyway.

d) Prefix's! ... I don't know why, but I love these things.

Coming Up
a) I'm currently messing about with a gallery system. If it works... it'll be useful.

b) Ranks aren't yet implimented. They don't seem to want to work at all. I may have a workaround. Don't get too attached to the stars, is all I'm saying...

c) Insert something here.

d) Porting over important thread/things.