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Downtime - ACESpark - 18-05-2017

We had a sudden, if brief bout of downtime involving a server move. This should hopefully restore the site to people that couldn't access it before, (my ISP, Virgin Media, appears to acknowledge the sites' existence again, so that's good!), although it may take a day or so for it to propagate throughout everywhere else. Knock on wood, give it a day and everyone should see the site again, so huzzah.

Sorry this has taken so long to find a solution!

RE: Downtime - DWN-060 Clownman - 18-05-2017

Must have happened overnight then since I hadn't noticed any downtime.

RE: Downtime - N-Mario - 19-05-2017

I noticed that the majority of the images on the user gallery are not showing. Was this part of the down time?