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Podcast - Ask ACE Anything! - ACESpark - 04-06-2017

[Image: ep_12.gif]
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In this Podcast, I answer questions sent in by the userbase of Sprites INC.
Topics covered include the fan projects such as Revolution, Quint's Revenge, Mega Man likes in general, food, and furries. Oh. Oh dear.
* NOTE *: Due to the nature of this podcast, this Podcast contains uncensored cursing. All questions sent in were answered and some of the questions sent in were rather crude in nature.

RE: Podcast - Ask ACE Anything! - N-Mario - 04-06-2017

Nice podcast. Though some parts sounded like you guys were away from the Mic. Could barely hear, even with volume up. But I think I was able to hear most of it.

RE: Podcast - Ask ACE Anything! - ACESpark - 04-06-2017

Nuts, thought I'd edited the quiet parts to be more consistent. Might've missed a couple. I know Rhythm' s mic dropped his volume at points for whatever reason.

RE: Podcast - Ask ACE Anything! - ACESpark - 05-06-2017

For those wanting the full list of questions, here they are:

Revolution Questions: 2:40
Quint's Revenge 2 Questions: 11:50
Make a Good Mega Man Level 2: 16:26
Other INC Games: 26:52
Sprites INC in General: 35:30
Mega Man in General: 40:10
Personal: 50:44
Personal (Furry): 59:35
Random Topic: 64:57