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Programmers/Composers Needed - binarystep - 11-09-2017

So, I've had a Mega Man fangame idea for a few years now, and I never really had time to start work on it until now. The only problem is, I'm not sure where to start. I can probably do all the art, and finding testers won't be too hard, but I still need someone to handle the programming and music.

If anyone's interested, feel free to pm me for my Skype/Discord and/or sprites I've made so far.

RE: Programmers/Composers Needed - Rhythm - 12-09-2017

I'm going to suggest that you reread the rules of the Game Ideas Subforum. This is literally nothing. The programming and the music are two of the hardest parts of a game. You also didn't even disclose what some, or any, of your idea is. So there's no way anyone will be interested in a blank post that says "I have an idea and I need others to make it for me".

Thread locked until such time that the scope is more thought out. Feel free to PM myself or another on the staff if you wish to have this unlocked.