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Forum updated - ACESpark - 08-04-2018

The forum has, (at long last), been updated.
This may have broken a few things, please let be sure to let me know what has broken so I can fix it asap.

RE: Forum updated - BBLIR - 08-04-2018

Uh, where did the gallery go?
I wouldn't be suprised if it was removed intentionally, but I'm still curious because I don't see it anywhere.

RE: Forum updated - Flashman85 - 08-04-2018

Maybe I'm completely missing it, but...where's the "Log Out" button? I tried clicking on "Welcome, Flashman85" hoping for a drop-down menu, but it just took me to my profile page.

RE: Forum updated - Blackhook - 08-04-2018

Where is the forum button?

RE: Forum updated - Entity1037 - 08-04-2018

I don't think there's actually a link to the discord anywhere on the site. Also I liked the old design better. This one imo is just... really bland by comparison. I also just appreciated the look of it, I'm getting really tired of everyone going for simplistic flat designs with no shading.

RE: Forum updated - ACESpark - 08-04-2018

I'm actually having so many issues working with the new design that I'm tempted to revert and simply fix *that*. Or otherwise find a different look. I'm not too happy with the lack of options with this skin.

RE: Forum updated - Flashman85 - 08-04-2018

I'm with Entity on the new look. I don't think it helps that the clickable buttons and unclickable banners are the same color, or that the user info on the left side of each post is so large that even a one-sentence post takes up almost my whole screen.

RE: Forum updated - ACESpark - 08-04-2018

Trying a different look. I'll keep you posted.