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New Chatroom - ACESpark - 21-09-2012


In process of linking it up top, should work alright. Maybe now we'll know how many users are actually in the damn thing. Let me know if you have any issues.

And yes the sounds are godawful, i'll sort something out.

RE: New Chatroom - DamonaSchnider - 21-09-2012

Kind of reminds me of flash chat a bit, shame that it keeps kicking me every time I go to post, and sometimes when I enter. : V
It might be my connection for all I know though. Using my phone's internet through our computer, since we currently don't have an actual internet service at the moment.

RE: New Chatroom - ACESpark - 21-09-2012

That might be the problem with it. I can look into it tomorrow.

Also need to look into a way to change the sounds as they are currently annoying as sin. Bizarrely, I HAVE changed the sounds on the server itself.. so it makes no sense what-so-ever.

RE: New Chatroom - C^2 - 23-09-2012

You do realize now that I have to make all the lord of Deadchat References all the time now? You have created a monster, and it 's name is The Speed of Light Squared.

On a more sane and less zany note, are there moderator commands for Dead Chat? It would be nice if I got a cheat sheet for them.

RE: New Chatroom - megajosh2 - 26-09-2012

I've been having fun in there. I've spent most of my time there while on Sprites Inc since I came back, and even made some new commands for the chatroom.

RE: New Chatroom - Victorystar - 26-09-2012

It's been er...
Fun there?

RE: New Chatroom - megajosh2 - 26-09-2012

Well yeah, why not?

RE: New Chatroom - Victorystar - 26-09-2012


RE: New Chatroom - LeagueofDevack - 12-12-2012

You might want to fix something in the new chat. Users can ignore Mods right now. I don't know if this extends to Admins, but it's worth looking into a fix.