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Megaman Dissonance - Blackhook - 08-05-2012

Might as well re introduce you to this.

Dear readers, I introduce to you:

[Image: Dissonance_logo.png]

It's the year 20XX. Robots have become a big part in human society. Even though the actions of certain mad men has shaken the trust between humans and robots, there are still some who keep this relationship at balance.

Dr. Biwa Hook, a young prodigy in robotic research and engineering in the short that she's been active helped the world with various inventions. Her newest projects promises to change human life significantly. Interested in her "Ultimate save bot" project, Dr. Thomas Light, the father of robotics, acompanied by Rock and Roll, his beloved creations, decides to pay Dr. Hook a visit. Unknown to him, the reveal of the project has unforseen consequences.

Now it is up to Rock, better known as Megaman to stop the crisis caused by the results of Ultimate Save bot.
One thing is certain, the foes Megaman has to face appear to be too much for him to handle alone...

You can read it on

Enjoy and leave your comments!

RE: Megaman Dissonance - Sakura - 08-05-2012

most of the links don't link its all [url][/url]
also I'll follow you anywhere blackhook

RE: Megaman Dissonance - Blackhook - 08-05-2012

Well...that is awkward. Thanks Ace

RE: Megaman Dissonance - c0mp1337 - 10-05-2012

[MOD EDIT] Image removed due to possible malware warnings
cant wait to see the next ones

RE: Megaman Dissonance - Blackhook - 11-05-2012

If only more were so excited like you

RE: Megaman Dissonance - sovietcommando - 11-05-2012

Page 24 is missing. (imageshack) :\

RE: Megaman Dissonance - Blackhook - 12-05-2012

Fixed. I have no idea what was up with that

RE: Megaman Dissonance - Blackhook - 23-06-2012

Hello everybody. It's been a while. School made me busy so I couldn't upload new pages but since it's summer I can finally continue with dissonance. Today however I don't bring you 1 new page but 10 which basically is the rest of Chapter 4. Check the first post to find the pages 42 -52 !
Enjoy and comment.

RE: Megaman Dissonance - Heavy - 23-06-2012

Wow, those pages were great!

Interesting, if not a little sad, backstory for Breakerman.

The army of Metools made me chuckle.

I really like how the other Lightbots are getting a role in this. Keep up the good work!

RE: Megaman Dissonance - Blackhook - 12-07-2012

This marks the start of CHAPTER 5
THis cover is rather different from the others....


RE: Megaman Dissonance - Wave - 13-07-2012

This is great! I hope to see more of it soon. Good job!

RE: Megaman Dissonance - Blackhook - 21-07-2012

Page 54 Is up so enjoy!

RE: Megaman Dissonance - Blackhook - 02-08-2012

Page 55
And the firey boxer gets introduced

RE: Megaman Dissonance - Blackhook - 07-08-2012

Page 56 is up for your viewing pleasure.

RE: Megaman Dissonance - sovietcommando - 07-08-2012

Page 54 is broken.

RE: Megaman Dissonance - Blackhook - 08-08-2012

How odd. Thanks for notifying, I've fixed the issue.

RE: Megaman Dissonance - Blackhook - 11-08-2012

Page 57 is up so go enjoy it!

Man, I wish comics had sounds...

RE: Megaman Dissonance - Blackhook - 16-08-2012

page 58
now with 100% more protoman!

RE: Megaman Dissonance - Blackhook - 23-08-2012

ANd here's page 59 still with 100% more Protoman!

RE: Megaman Dissonance - Thanatos-Zero - 30-08-2012

Blackhook, you would get a lot more attention, if you would upload your comic on smackjeeves.com.

Also what happened with the Megaman Zero 5 comic?