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Ninja's Sprites - NinjaMan Z - 09-11-2013

Hey everyone. I finally decided to make a sprite thread(because i got better). Anyways, i have a few sprites to post. I'll post them from oldest to most recent sprites:

Minotaur Man:


Pyramid Head:


Gem Sprites:




My nephews first sprite(left) which I made my own version of(right):


RE: Ninja's Sprites - NinjaMan Z - 29-06-2014

Gonna post some of my recent sprites:

OC i made in Neo's WA Overworld style(that i never completely finished)

[Image: eoJKUKF.png]

Solaire of Astora from Dark Souls:

[Image: V6qHqir.png]

Reaper Man that I'm still working on for a Megaman fangame I'm gonna make:

[Image: XrAuVI7.png]

RE: Ninja's Sprites - NinjaMan Z - 04-08-2014

Robot that i drew on paper, then proceeded to sprite. Used Heavyarms Custom's color scheme, since my bro suggested it.

[Image: trUi8Vq.gif]

Old Maverick I had around. Sky Osprey:


RE: Ninja's Sprites - NinjaMan Z - 08-08-2014

Panty and Stocking 8 bit mockup. ALL sprites(including the logo) are made by me, from scratch, although they are inspired by Classic Megaman:

[Image: wd7Fz0J.png]

RE: Ninja's Sprites - NinjaMan Z - 25-10-2014

It's been a while since I've posted something here. Here's my best sprite done so far:

[Image: LDiWlkp.gif] [Image: zYYBAey.png]

RE: Ninja's Sprites - NinjaMan Z - 08-12-2014

Made Alyssa art, started on her slight re-design and did Itami.
[Image: 5ZvmETx.png]

RE: Ninja's Sprites - Cyanosis - 08-12-2014

There's a lot of pillow shading with the new sprites. The position of Alyssa's eyes on the new sprite is very strange. They look like they should be moved over to our right a good bit and they don't look perpendicular to the face. Her hair is also pretty sloppy looking which kind of surprises me since you got it to look very nice on the original sprite.

Itami seems like a good start but some of the positioning is a little wonky. Like his arm(?) doesn't look like it's properly connected to the body and if it's a part of the wing it looks a bit out of place (I think its mostly because of how that portion bends in two places similar to an arm.) And he looks semi-pillowshaded everywhere. Especially the at the seams.

Also, is Alyssa doing the Caramelldansen?

RE: Ninja's Sprites - NinjaMan Z - 08-12-2014

Okay, First of all, i can kind of see the pillow shading, but only on Itami. It was kind of hard for me to shade him with two colors, as i couldn't find a good enough Lightsource, but I'll see what i can do to fix it. I'll fix Alyssa's eyes on the art in a bit, and update it. I'm not sure what i can do for the hair to fix what you mean. One thing I'll say about it, is that I'm going to change the hair a bit on the original sprite and on the art(make it a little shorter, add some curls, take away some spikes, but try and make it look the same). I had the arm look like that, as I wasn't sure if i was going to make a normal arm(different than the other one. i mean more human-like) or not. Also, no, Alyssa is not doing the Caramelldansen. Thanks for saying something, by the way.

RE: Ninja's Sprites - NinjaMan Z - 14-12-2014

Here's the updated Alyssa Art. Eric helped me with the hair and clothes shading. I fixed some things regarding Itami, too.

[Image: 4uDaslo.png]

RE: Ninja's Sprites - NinjaMan Z - 25-02-2015

Wow, it's been a while since i posted a thing here. Well, I got two things now.

Here's Itami's New design, thanks to Soviet. I edited it quite a bit, and felt like showing it:

[Image: gXUrwno.png]

And here's Viola, a Megaman-Killer thing, I guess:

[Image: HRJYJQJ.png]

RE: Ninja's Sprites - NinjaMan Z - 15-03-2015

Got some new Solitude sprites:

Alyssa in new style:

[Image: vYVlelG.png]

Itami "timeline" with the newest being on the far right:

[Image: dZ58AF4.png]

I have NO idea what I was thinking with the first one... >_>

RE: Ninja's Sprites - NinjaMan Z - 31-03-2015

Got some new sprites in Mystical Legion's style:

[Image: DdwCFIY.png?1]

Linkle is just a joke. And yes, that's a Valo. :I

RE: Ninja's Sprites - NinjaMan Z - 31-03-2015

Got Artemis and Athena updated.

[Image: OmdGcIw.png?1]

RE: Ninja's Sprites - NinjaMan Z - 08-04-2015

Done with this style.

[Image: mWUeIHq.png?1]

RE: Ninja's Sprites - NinjaMan Z - 27-04-2015

Artemis Update again. Hopefully it'll be the last time.
[Image: artemis_by_ninjamanz-d8r71zx.png]

RE: Ninja's Sprites - NinjaMan Z - 07-05-2015

Huh... haven't updated this in a while... Might as well show my newest sprites for Mystical Legion here. I've "improved" a bit, from the last style.

[Image: KBCyL0A.png?1]

RE: Ninja's Sprites - NinjaMan Z - 28-06-2015

Im done. I refuse to sprite in this style again.

[Image: VbHDxXj.png]

RE: Ninja's Sprites - NinjaMan Z - 20-07-2015

Artemis Update

[Image: hIIITxi.png?1]

RE: Ninja's Sprites - NinjaMan Z - 01-08-2015

The other two got an update. Mostly just shading and edits, though.

[Image: P1TlzNY.png]

RE: Ninja's Sprites - NinjaMan Z - 16-08-2015

Updated the Red Pyramid Thing.

[Image: HdfuVOw.png]