Mega Man's Christmas Thingy - A Stage Built in MaGMML2
Merry Christmas!
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Get it here! - 13meg

I said I'd release something when I woke up - here is a quick Christmas Present from me to you.
It's based off what would've been content for Christmas Carol 3, including one of the bosses. The game contains a single stage and one boss battle, against Wishing Star.

It was also an attempt to show just how easy stage building in the MaGMML2 engine is - this was built in a day!

Special thanks to the Beta Testers for pointing out a few quirks this had.
As with all Christmas Carol related things, music by the ever wonderful Joseph Collins.

Any glitches that crop up, please report them into the MaGMML2 bug thread, or the Discord chat room.

Have a good one!

And no this is not my judge level. Not even close.
Huh, that was quite a fun little stage! Thanks ACE! Happy holidays!
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So... This is the new tradition of this forum of releasing a fan made project every year around Christmas/New Years?
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Wanna go for a ride?

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