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RE: Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo Switch
Someone from Arms is definitely getting in. Part of me wonders if we will get another from fire emblem since we now have fire emblem heroes and the new fire emblem. We could finally get lyn since she now has a a lot of variations that they could work into a single character and not just have her be sword lord number 5. Though i would be happy if we got anna from heroes or hector and have an axe character in there.

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24-03-2018, 04:31 PM
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RE: Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo Switch
It would be nice if Battle Clash/Metal Combat ~ Falcon's Revenge was represented. Or something from Super Scope 6.
24-03-2018, 05:34 PM
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RE: Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo Switch
My fingers are crossed for Blues, Forte, or Duo. X or Zero would be nice, but everyone needs to forget they were in Mahvel first.
08-05-2018, 06:43 PM
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RE: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

So, we finally got some info about the new game.

It's called "Super Smash Bros. Ultimate". The big news: EVERY character from every previous Smash Bros. game is returning!

Clone characters are now called "Echo Fighters".

New characters include: Inkling, Princess Daisy (who is now an Echo Fighter of Peach), and Ridley (who's been shrunken down to about Bowser size)!

Link now has his Breath of the Wild costume as his main appearance. His classic green tunic is now an alternate costume.

Ganondorf is back to his Ocarina of Time appearance. He now wields a sword for his Forward Smash.

Zelda is now modeled on her A Link Between Worlds appearance.

Ike has both his Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn costumes.

Many characters have had some tweaks, and some have new Final Smashes.

The game is compatible with GameCube controllers via the Wii U GameCube Controller Adapter.

Every stage now has a Battlefield form as well as an Omega form.

You now choose the stage before the characters.

Bomberman is now an Assist Trophy.

The damage gauges now have a decimal digit.

Directional air-dodging returns! Excessive dodging will now leave you vulnerable, however.

There is now a Fake Smash Ball item that KOs you if you attack it. It can be distinguished from the real Smash Balls by it subtly different design: On real Smash Balls, the horizontal line is thin and the vertical line is thick. On Fake Smash Balls, the vertical line is thin and the horizontal line is thick.

The game comes out on December 7, 2018.
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12-06-2018, 09:51 PM
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RE: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
So, it seems that Proto Man and Bass are part of Mega Man's Final Smash now. Close enough, I'd suppose (although it is funny to think that Bass must wonder why he's fighting with all those Mega Men :p ).

That said, while I'm a bit disappointed Bomberman won't be playable, he did get acknowledged in a big way, and this leaves open room for more potential third-party DLC (knock on wood for Simon, Shantae and Shovel Knight).
13-06-2018, 11:07 AM
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