Quint's Revenge - First Public Release
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Quint's Revenge - First Public Release
UPDATE - Version 36d added to thread. Redownload! No longer considered a BETA!
[Image: QRTitle.gif]
http://sprites-inc.co.uk/files/Game/QR/QRBuild36d.zip - 16meg

[Image: screen1.png][Image: screen2.png][Image: screen3.png][Image: screen4.png]

a) What is this?
A fan game based around Quint, like the title implies.

b) Huh ... why?
Why not? We were in the middle of waiting out the contests for Revolution, and I wanted a break from SIBRE.

c) This has sort of come out of nowhere.
Yeah, it sort of has, hasn't it?

d) Wait, you made a full game during the contest period of Revolution?
Yes. Yes I did. Well, technically the game has been in development for a bit longer than the contest period of Revolution - but basically, yes.

e) What's the concept behind this?
My initial goal was to remake Megaman 2 for the Gameboy, if it was a more competent game. But as I made it, I added twists in the stages and boss fights not present in the original game or the NES counterparts. With that came the idea that the game should star Quint in order to stand out. With abilities based on what Quint should have been. The game should play at a quicker pace than most Mega Man games.
Obviously, since the game is no longer a remake of Megaman 2 GB, expect some surprises.

f) What exactly is the storyline?
The game follows Mega Man 2 for the Gameboy Timeline-wise, and makes the assumption that Wily's meddling in time created a predestination paradox - basically - Dr Light knew about Wily's trip through time in the future and prepared future Megaman - i.e Quint, for that eventuality.
And as the title implies, Wily's control over Quint is broken - and Quint wants revenge. Or at least to stop whatever Wily's plan is this time.

g)... does the game really star Quint?
Yes. And why not? He's Mega Man from the future, and I built the game to reflect that.
His abilities are as follows:
  1. Sonic Dash - Hold the dash button to move at incredible speed.
  2. Dash Jump - A hyperspeed jump - used for clearing larger gaps and even enemies.
  3. Ledge Jump - You can jump after walking off a ledge.
  4. The ability to duck - What it says on the tin. Quint's hitbox is reduced significantly when ducking.
  5. Magnetic Gloves - Quint stays attached to ladders even when hit by an enemy.
Since Quint is the future Megaman, and Megaman 9 and 10 strips Mega Man of the charge shot and slide functions, Quint doesn't have those. His other abilities more than make up for that shortcoming.

h) How long is the game?
8 robot masters, a intro stage, and 6 fortress stages. Standard Megaman game length.

j) Is the soundtrack permanent?
Apparently not. I've asked someone if he's up to redoing the soundtrack, so we'll see. Consider the current music placeholder tracks.

THIS IS STILL AN BETA - PLEASE REPORT ANY BUGS YOU ENCOUNTER - as well as any thoughts on stage design/aspects about the game.
This is no longer considered a "Beta", but please report any issues regardless, so I may fix them for either a future release of this game, or for it's sequel.


Big thanks to the Beta Testers Blackmore, Loyana, Damona, Drax, Rhythm and Joseph Collins for their contributions and help getting the game bug free - we hope anyway.
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