Mega Man: The Wily Wars 2 (Programmer Needed!!)
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Mega Man: The Wily Wars 2 (Programmer Needed!!)
It's a shame there was never an official Wily Wars version of Megaman 4-6.

After a while, I started toying with making sprites for this concept. The More I made, the more I wanted this idea to become something substantial, and here I go.

The idea is simple, Megaman 4 through 6 redone in the 16 bit style of the Wily Wars game. To show that I'm not just another 'idea guy' who contributes nothing. I will be doing the sprite-work.

All I need is a programmer because I have the coding skills of a salmon.


Mega man 4 robot masters

Mega man 5 robot masters

Weapon Sprites

Mega man 4 Fortress bosses

[Image: wily_wars_gravity_man_by_bongwater_bandit-d8vv92c.png]

[Image: wily_wars_gyro_man_by_bongwater_bandit-d8t33gs.png]

[Image: wily_wars_wave_man_by_bongwater_bandit-d8raes9.png]

[Image: wily_wars_crystal_man_by_bongwater_bandit-d8rd5v1.png]

[Image: wily_wars_chargeman_by_bongwater_bandit-d8sjqht.png]

[Image: wily_wars_mothraya_by_bongwater_bandit-d8yd773.png]

[Image: wily_wars_star_man_by_bongwater_bandit-d8r8ohj.png]

[Image: wily_wars_napalm_man_by_bongwater_bandit-d8qcbaj.png]

[Image: wily_wars_stone_man_by_bongwater_bandit-d8qbjpz.png]

[Image: wily_wars_dive_man_by_bongwater_bandit-d8pg8am.png]

[Image: wily_wars_skull_man_by_bongwater_bandit-d8p0mrc.png]

[Image: wily_wars_dust_man_by_bongwater_bandit-d8ok9mk.png]

[Image: wily_wars_ring_man_by_bongwater_bandit-d8nz1mz.png]

[Image: wily_wars_pharaoh_man_by_bongwater_bandit-d8nrp35.png]

[Image: wily_wars_bright_man_by_bongwater_bandit-d8nid34.png]

[Image: wily_wars_drill_man_by_bongwater_bandit-d8ne2di.png]
01-09-2015, 05:28 PM
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