Mega Man: The Wily Wars 2 (Programmer Needed!!)
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RE: Mega Man: The Wily Wars 2 (Programmer Needed!!)
- The jump isn't finished.... It's a bit slapped together. I got tired of it being the same as Megaman's (I made him out of altering Megaman's gfx as you can probably tell)... quite a long time ago now, and I just haven't gotten back to it yet. I was thinking the same thing, that it looks like Mario's jump lol. I'd also like to make his scarf, or cape, change positions when jumping up, or falling down (maybe also his arms... we'll see).

- His shield just isn't programmed in yet. I'm going to make it an optional piece of equipment that he always has (and equippable from the weapon menu), and an option to have it equipped or unequipped by default (when starting a level).

- Yeah actually I was thinking of animating his cape, or in most cases he does really have a scarf indeed. I was thinking of having it move around some in intervals as though a breeze comes by here and there (like how Megaman blinks when you let him stand still). I'll animate it when he slides too.
As far as the scarf vs cape thing goes... well while he typically has a scarf, I do very much like the short version of the cape as well that I see him with occasionally, and sometimes I like the long cape (but it's my least favorite of the 3). I do really really like the double / split end that the scarf in effect makes a lot as well though, but it's often rather short, and I wanted it to be very visible, so I went with the short cape version.
I could make the 3 alternate styles though and so that you can choose your preference (and as a costume change rather than a separate character ID); there are differences too I'm seeing in the scarf length in artwork, so I could also have a couple scarf types too.
I've already planned to have different styles for Roll too, I think 3 maybe: Classic, the new / MM8 style (or somewhere in that range of the games I suppose it was introduced), and a more armored body style so she looks made to be a fighting robot.

- I do see that Protoman's Arm Cannon is normally on the left arm in the artwork now that you mention it, while Megaman's is normally on the right.
Right now the game just flips the gfx, but I could draw it in back in the frames where Megaman's is in front, and vise-versa (and eventually perhaps I'll make separate frames for facing left and facing right when the arm cannon is out). Do you know if (officially) they can have a Cannon on both arms at once, or swap between sides?

Thanks! I will definitely keep going with this project, and won't get cheap on the quality (I'm sure I'll slap in some stuff occasionally some more to get something just.. 'There' / 'Working' when needed, but will always keep going back to fix and/or refine things).

~ Bonglorio
It may take me a while to get to it, but I'll work on Plantman, as well as any others that need a good amount of improvement. I want to compare a lot of the NES Bosses to each other, and then to these Wily Wars style ones you drew, and then to artwork, and also just make sure I get his height as accurate as I can before I start.
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