A Comprehensive List of Mega Man Fangames (With Links)
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A Comprehensive List of Mega Man Fangames (With Links)
I've been maintaining a list of Mega Man fangames to help me keep track of what I have and haven't livestreamed, and I figure this could be a helpful resource to share. I've seen a few fangame lists around the Internet, but they're generally incomplete and outdated. Here's what I've got:


Right now, the list only covers standalone downloads and Flash games, NOT ROM hacks. That's a can of Scworms I'm not ready to open yet. I'm also excluding games that only play like Mega Man, or otherwise have nothing to do with the plot or characters of the franchise; I'm interested in games that could pass for a prequel, interquel, sequel, spinoff, or crossover. Furthermore, I'm trying to leave off unfinished games unless someone is actively working on them (ie, unless there's been a progress update in the last year or so), but I'm not opposed to listing something that's been abandoned but is sufficiently playable from start to finish.

(EDIT: In the interest of making the list as complete as possible, demos and unfinished games in any state of development are completely acceptable, as long as a playable version is available.)

(ADDITIONAL EDIT: I'm also listing unfinished games that DON'T have a demo available yet, but the game must have a dedicated project page I can link to [not just a YouTube video with gameplay footage].)

If you know of any games I've overlooked that fit my criteria, or if you have more recent links to the games than I've provided, please let me know! This helps me, and hopefully it's helpful to the community as well.

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