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[Fan Game] OH JOES! (A Proto Man Adventure)
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OH JOES! (A Proto Man Adventure)
For better or for worse, Sniper Joes and their ilk are a staple of the Mega Man franchise. Although the official games are good about continually introducing new types of Joes, fangames tend to gravitate toward the same few varieties, and both the official and unofficial games keep using Joes in the same few configurations. How many times have you seen a Joe, with no other enemies or hazards around, blocking your way forward? I say it's time to shake things up.

OH JOES! (A Proto Man Adventure) sends Proto Man on a mission to reclaim his stolen Proto Shield from a fortress full of Joes. This isn't a typical fangame with a stage select and eight Robot Masters to choose from; this is an exploration of the untapped potential of an iconic enemy type. The game is relatively short, but difficult enough to keep you busy for an afternoon...and per the feedback I've heard about "Maze of Death" and my Mega Man Endless levels, there's a big emphasis on learning curve, and checkpoints and power-ups are plentiful. OH JOES! is designed for hardcore fans like me, but I want it to be accessible to everyone.

Given the short length of the game, I won't be releasing a demo, but I'll periodically add new screenshots to this post.

Screenshots (pardon the placeholder graphics; updated screenshots will be posted as real graphics are implemented):

Concept art:

Status as of May 17, 2017:

The level design is more or less finalized, aside from making adjustments based on playtester feedback. I'm now tidying up the programming, adding extra features, and implementing real graphics.

I'm currently dividing my focus between this and other projects, so the game will be released whenever it's ready.

Currently implemented features:
- Stable game engine (based on Make a Good Mega Man Level Contest 1) with programming assistance from Renhoek, Blyka, SnoruntPyro, and Entity1037
- Fully scripted intro cutscene
- 4 levels, with multiple paths and a few secrets
- 7 types of Joes and around a dozen hazards from Mega Man 1-10
- Multiple playable characters, including Proto Man and Break Man, with different abilities
- Multiple difficulty settings
- Customizable controls and charge shot SFX
- Game Over screen with randomized gameplay tips
- Autosaving between levels

Features currently in development:
- Actual stage graphics (15% complete)
- Original soundtrack (66% complete) composed by CosmicGem, Jasper Valentine, and Flashman85

Planned features:
- Actual cutscene and menu graphics
- Snazzy credits sequence
- Digital instruction manual
- Alternate language options
- Probably some miscellaneous other stuff

Stay tuned for updates!

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