.. what happened?
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.. what happened?
My sincere apologises about the downtime recently.

3 things decided they wanted to screw with me that prevented the whole thing from being resolved:
  • First: The downtime itself: Sheer dumb luck caused one portion of the site's database to corrupt.. and for what-ever reason, caused everything to go down. Who knows why. Under normal circumstances, this would've been fixed immediately... how-ever...
  • Secondly: Virgin Media (my ISP) for what-ever reason... prevented me from actually accessing Inc itself. Yes really. It's utterly bizzare that this happened at the SAME TIME as the site going bork, but... you know, it rains when it pours. It's taken a bit of back and forth to get them to acknowledge Inc exists, but here we go, I can finally connect again.. which is kind of important when trying to repair things.
  • Third: Every so often, albeit not as commonly as it used to occur... I get really, *really* bad migraines. This doesn't happen too often anymore, but... well, of course, I was suffering from them last week, and as you can imagine... this also kind of prevented me from doing much of anything.

There you have it. A freak occurrence, my ISP being dumb and a health issue, decided that, yes, we're going to happen at the same time.


06-02-2017, 03:36 PM
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