[Fan Game] Rockman X: Pandora's Box [Demo available]
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Rockman X: Pandora's Box [Demo available]

More demonstrations are here:

Github Link: https://github.com/HDNua/RxpbEngineUnity
Demo Download: http://hdnua.tistory.com/60

Team SnakeHead
Developer: 누아 (rbfwmqwntm@naver.com)
Composer: flamme
Graphic Designer: 알엑스

1. Rights used in this fan-game is reserved by CAPCOM.
2. If you want to report bugs, send me an e-mail or reply comment to this post(http://hdnua.tistory.com/60).
3. We are waiting for joining graphics designer (we need sprites especially).
4. Engine is based on Unity3D and released on public with MIT license. Hope you enjoy.
5. CCL is applied to resources which name has prefix "RX_".

+ 32bit graphics
+ Widescreen resolution
+ Natural animation
+ Story-focused classical Megaman X game
+ Local co-op play supported
+ Cross-platform; Available on Windows, Mac OS X and even the Ubuntu Linux
+ Localization support is scheduled
+ XBox One Controller Support

Rockman X: Pandora's Box is a fan game project of Megaman X since July, 2015.
We need volunteers to work.

Everyone can join this project freely.
1) Sprite creator: Draw sprites which does not exist yet but need in this game.
2) Developer: RXPB's engine is on public on Github. You can implement modules to use.
3) Illustrator: Draw illusts of cutscenes or scg in game.
4) General: Make GIF animation moving each sprites' position appropriately.

Hope you enjoy. Smile
11-04-2017, 07:56 AM
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