What Have We Learned From MaGMML1 and 2?
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What Have We Learned From MaGMML1 and 2?
For the benefit of anyone aspiring to host, judge, or design levels for future contests—not to mention anyone who wants to make a fangame of their own—I'd like to discuss what lessons we can learn from Make a Good Mega Man Level Contest 1 and 2.

Specifically, I'm looking for insights on organizing and judging the contests; perspectives on being a contestant or just someone who's played/watched the final products; observations about level design (including the submitted levels, judge levels, and hubs); reactions to the special weapons and upgrades; thoughts about the graphics, music, and dialogue; tips on programming and designing custom assets...basically, any wisdom you can share regarding any aspect of the contests or games.

The goal is to come up with a sort of "do's and don'ts" list for the general public. I am fully expecting some friendly jokes at the expense of others, but let's try to focus on being helpful and analyzing the contests as a whole—not so much the specific people involved.

If you've somehow missed out on either game, here are some handy links:
MaGMML1 contest thread and download page
MaGMML1 results livestreams
MaGMML2 contest thread (no download yet)
MaGMML2 results livestreams

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05-06-2017, 06:50 PM
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