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[Remake/Mod] Megaman X7 Demake in 16-bit
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Megaman X7 Demake in 16-bit
[Image: x7_logo_v2_by_kensuyjin33-dbe2bk5.png]

Very good day to all I am new to this group, sorry if on this occasion I break some rule with this publication, (I speak Spanish and I sure did not understand very well some rule, in advance, sorry).

The truth is that I had spent many times on this page to appreciate many works that other members had done, in addition to working with sprites of the official games of the X series but I never dared to be part of this platform because the predominant language is English ... I'm sure someone here knows me, but anyway (I do not want to sound pedantic).

The reason to be here already must assume for the title, and is that yes, I am working on a Demake Megaman X7 completely on 2d platforms to return it to the aesthetics of SNES games but with a combined PSX style, we currently have A small team, but we have been working for several months and we already have a functional and fluid engine.

Here are some questions I thought someone would have about it:

Why work on megamanX7 and not another title of the Saga?

- We have great expectations and we believe that it will be a challenge to adapt a 3D game to 2D completely, in addition to all the ideas that we intend to implement.
Megaman X7 is a game almost hated by most fans and we want to change that.

Megaman X7 Demake will only be that?

-No, we plan to develop many aspects that were wasted in this delivery, Armor, Characters, Bosses, etc.

Will there be improvements or extrá content in difference with the original delivery?

- Yes, one of the main reasons for this Demake is Improve or better develop the concept of certain mechanics and add material as has traditionally been done, in addition to adding difficulty, thereby giving rejuvenability to the project.



The main reason for this post is to ask for help or support from people with experience or talent who can help us with material, such as Sprites, Backgrounds, Tiles, Music, etc. There will be no pressure. It's all for the sake of the franchise.

I know that together we can work on giving a second chance to this delivery that is currently little valued.

I am not accustomed to this platform so I will ask please if anyone wants to collaborate with us try to communicate with me by this means or through a private message to my email, or a note through the deviantart platform. ALL HELP WILL BE GRATEFUL.

[Image: axl_mugshot___megaman_x7_snes_project_by...bdo4xm.gif]

[Image: axl_stand_pose___megaman_x7_snes_project...bdji0j.gif]

[Image: megaman_x7_demake___zero_mugshot_in_16_b...bj4fb6.gif]

[Image: zero_stand_pose___megaman_x7_demake_by_k...bkj12c.gif]

[Image: megaman_x7___x_mugshots_in_16_bits_by_ke...bf03nx.gif]

[Image: x_stand_pose___megamanx7_demake_by_kensu...bkix5o.gif]

[Image: megaman_x7_demake___glide_armor_intro__k...bq2s4w.gif]

[Image: wind_crowrang_by_kensuyjin33-dbehuj1.png]

Now we have some provisional themes:

Thank you for your time, we count on your supportWink


My gallery on deviantart:
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