Fan Game Bugfixed and Redone ! Mega Man : Annihilation
So, after all i decided to totally redo project , recode the engine , redesign the Robot Masters and rewrite the plot.

So , the plot:
The year is 20XX , the Second Annual Robot Tournament is held by Dr.Cossack and takes place in Russia. However , during the opening ceremony Dr.Wily suddenly appears with his new robot masters and takes Dr.Light , Roll and Russian President hostage. Wily's main purpose is to get the secrity codes from orbital station "Red Hammer" , that's coordinating all Russian military sattelites and nuclear weapons, and also armed with an orbital ion cannon that able to destroy an entire cities. While Wily forces Light to hack "Red Hammer" security systems , but this process will take 48 hours or more.
To stop Megaman from ruining his diabolical scheme again , Wily reprograms four most powerful Cossack's robots and the strongest robot contestants to terminate Megaman.

But Dr.Cossack is still free from Wily's clutches . He upgrades Megaman and gives him his new "Weapon Variation System".
Cossack also rebuilds Pharaoh Man and Skull Man to help Megaman in his struggle against Wily.

Now , the time is short , the bets are high.
Live or Die. Win or Lose. Exist or be Annihilated

And here's the Robot Masters:

DCN - N1WM Plasma Man:
[Image: LoM9uXH.png]
[Image: qIK5nJg.png]
A Lightanium Rod(see Ruby-Spears' "Mega X")-powered robot , operating the Power Plant located near Moscow.
He has two turbo jet engines attached to his shoulders , giving him ability to perform super-high jumps and stay longer time in the air than other Robot Masters. Although his powerful Plasma Sphere , he also equipped with electricy generator that allow him to cover large areas with his deadly Thunder Spark . Plasma Man is programmed to be brutal killer , armed with a large variety of weapons. This makes him a dangerous enemy to Megaman.

DCN - N2WM Toxic Man:
[Image: e2GPLCW.png]
[Image: Pf47vzs.png]
A toxic waste management robot , created by Cossack for Russian Army.
Made of specially-enhanced materials , he can withstand high radiation any types of acid.
Havin a barrel-like reservouir in his body and pump mounted in his arms , he shooting the poisonous Toxic Slime at enemies. Wily also added him ability to make Poison Shield around himself to protect his body from any projectiles. Being reprogrammed to be cunning and violent , Toxic Man is a perfect strategist , skilled in combining offense and defense.

DCN - N3WM Hunt Man:
[Image: 2W7bpqz.png]
[Image: qct7032.png]
A Forest Ranger robot , that also was reprogrammed by Dr.Wily.
He is a master of disquise , able to hide from his enemies' sight and shoot them down with his ricoschetting Hunt Rifle. He also wields a shield , that grants him temporal invisiblity. Hunt Man is a silent assasin , oftenly uses defensive tactics and hiding from his enemies. But when the things goes hard , he always has his Triple Shotgun.

DCN - N4WM Build Man :
[Image: 7Frx4Zu.png]
[Image: CdtWPwC.png]
A builder robot , created by Dr.Cossack. He is armed with Block Cannon that allows him to generate steel-reinforced concrete blocks used for construction works. Also he is equipped with 3-ton Wrecking Ball allows him to demolish old buildings. Always relaying on a brute force , he resembles Guts Man in many ways , but Build Man is far more powerful than Light's robot.

The 4 others are Wily's Robot Masters , but let we them be in the shadows for a while...

Old stuff:
Hello there.
I know , that is my first day on the forums , but i registered only for fangaming discussion.
Here's the demo of intro:

As you can see , the game will be done at 16-bit Wily Wars style.
For now , i've completed 3 robot masters of 4 that will be in the demo.
Here are : Volta Man , Clean Woman , Toxic Man , and Block Man.
The plot(may change):
The year is 20XX , the Second Annual Robot Tournament was announced , however , it will be take place in Russia and held by Doctor Cossack. But during the tournament , something went wrong and Doctor Wily has hacked Cossack database and taken control over all robots built by Cossack.
Now , with the help of Dr.Cossack , Megaman must stop Dr.Wily from conquering the world , again.

Robot Masters Info:
  • Volta Man
    A electricy control robot , created by Dr.Cossack and based on Elecman blueprints.
    His deadly Volt Thunder is 100x more powerful than Elecman's Thunder Beam.
  • Clean Woman
    A cleaning robot that works in PROMGAZ Company office building.
    She's equipped with ultimate Clean Mop that can remove any kind of waste.
  • Block Man
    A high tech robot , that can synthesize small blocks.
    His Block Cannon is not only weapon , but also a very useful construction devise.
  • Toxic Man
    A toxic waste repository service robot.
    He has a pump cannon in his arm that shoot Toxic Slime.

Also , added some screenshots:
[Image: OYKF1z6xr30.jpg]
[Image: wL7M3DLoQ-A.jpg]
P.S. Sorry for bad english.

o , about Robot Masters.

There are 12 Robot Masters Planned at all.

Cossack's Robot masters , that are currently present in the game:
Volta Man(In 2013 was called Lightning Man)
[Image: TKqTgYg.png]
Clean Woman
[Image: 018H9Wm.png]
Toxic Man
[Image: TAd2wMp.png]
Brick Man(Block Man replacement)
A building robot that can make small blocks using his Block Cannon.

Then ,after Megaman defeating reprogrammed Cossack's robot masters , Dr.Wily sets his own robots to terminate Megaman:
Arsenal Man/War Man
An ultimate combat robot created by Dr.Wily.
He's armed with tons of various weapons , so his "special weapon" is just called F.Arsenal.
[Image: Hc6w18n.png]
Press Man
Industrial robot working on one of Wily's factories.
He has no weapons attached to his hands , but HE IS a waepon , because his lower part is a ultra heavy Iron Press that can smash anything.
[Image: ETCo6oJ.png]
Plastic Man
A diversionist/saboteur robot built by Dr.Wily to demolish some government buildings. His weapon is C-4 Time Bomb
No sprite,yet.
No robot master yet.

And then we have "Fake Men" - Megaman-based robot masters that took place in the contest but now reprogrammed by Wily to terminate Megaman:
Bad Man
An american fighting robot based on lekaed Megaman blueprints.
His creators don't have Mega Buster's blueprits , so they decided to replace it with laser pistol.
[Image: Zg7Jgbw.png]
Also , as you can see he is based upon Bad Box Art Megaman
Euro Man
Another fighting robot based on leaked blueprints. This time he's German.
To make him more dangerous than original Megaman , his creators equipped him with Rapid Machinegun and gave him more a titanum super-armor.
[Image: LAbnkTz.png]
Obviously , he's based on a European MM2 Boxart.
Tomik Man
Suddenly an ukrainian fighting robot. Besides he's a very poor imitation of the original , he still has some powers compared to the original.
[Image: 8nkONDx.png]
His design is based on the ukrainian ketchup mascot "Tomik" who is a Megaman ripoff.
N Man
A chinese "bootleg" attempt to recreate Mega Man. Although he looks pretty silly , he's almost that powerful tha the real Mega Man.
No sprite yet , but he should look like Captain N version of Mega Man.
So , that's all my robot masters ideas at this moment.

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