Fan Game Mega Man Shattered Diamond - In development!
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Quote:Mega Man Shattered Diamond is a fan game for the classic Mega Man series being developed by Team Circadia for Windows 7 and newer. Featuring both Mega Man and Bass as playable characters and a new unique 8-bit art style inspired by Mega Man: The Wily Wars, the game hopes to deliver a fresh but familiar experience for Mega Man fans.

The game is planned to feature:
  • Two playable characters: Mega Man and Bass;
  • A new, unique 8-bit art style inspired by Mega Man: The Wily Wars;
  • 8 new Robot Master stages, an intro stage, and unique fortress stages;
  • 8 special weapons for your arsenal, plus returning Rush and Treble utilities;
  • A new, original story with pre-boss dialogue and full pixel art cutscenes.

You can follow the game on our Tumblr dev blog, or on our YouTube channel. Frequent updates are posted to our dev blog, so follow us there to follow the project more closely.

Here are some screenshots of the project:
[Image: introScreencap.png?dl=0]
The intro stage.

[Image: switchScreencap.png?dl=0]
Switch Man's stage.

[Image: quarryScreencap.png?dl=0]
Quarry Man's stage.

[Image: jungleScreencap.png?dl=0]
Jungle Man's stage.

This thread will mainly be used for posting major updates along with responding to your questions. You can also use the ask box on our blog to submit questions anonymously.
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