Thojoewhit's MegaMan Style Camera System (V1.0a OUT NOW!)
Well, I'm back. After some personal stuff, and dabbling with MUGEN, I'm back working on my Mega Man Engine.

Though this isn't it, it'll be apart of it.

My Mega Man Style Camera System will help people who want to create a MM engine, but have trouble with trying to replicate the Camera. Since I decided not to release my engine, due to it being vastly inferior to the much better Mega Engine, this will be a decent starting point for people who want to make their own.

Tips and constructive criticism are welcome! If you use it, please give credit!

For Game Maker 8.1. May or May not be GMS1 or 2 compatible.

Special Thanks:
Shaun Spalding - for his collision code, which also helped with other objects.

Arrows - Move
Space - Jump
Shift - Run

(GM8.1 File): (V1.0a)


Fix Go/Stop Camera system. Now it works. Finally.
The Doors are finished. They lock when you cross them to another room.
A run button was added, to test the Go/Stop Camera system.
Replaced Simon sprites with generic block sprites.
Test Enemy is added, along with Enemy Bullets.
Added Screen Activate/Deactivate code to help with the Frame rate.

Fix Go/Stop Camera system. Now it's smoother.
Camera Shift, when half way outside view, now it has the MM screen shift. (Only for Left/Right for now)
Doors are being recoded, with a slower MM screen shift to match the games. (Will include Left, Right, Up and Down Doors)
Added A Camera Object to help with the screen shifting. (Works perfectly right now, but will test for possible errors)
Added Screen Lock walls to prevent back tracking. (Only for Left/Right for now)
Fixed Player controls, now works much better (Will replace sprites with generic blocks)

Added Mostly Smooth Go/Stop Camera system (The Red/Green Bars in the level)
Added Instant Camera Shift when half way outside view.
Added very early doors with one way system.
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