[Fan Game] Bouncy Mega Man fangame (title pending)
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The world is more fun when it's all bouncy.

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Bouncy Mega Man fangame (title pending)
If you know me, you'll know that I'm a huge sucker for bouncy worlds. My MaGMML2 level submission, Bouncy Castle, had the screen bounce on timed intervals, but was infamously disqualified after ACESpark got motion sick when attempting to judge it, whilst others found it annoying, but there were some other people who found it fun overall.

Of course, instead of just releasing a new version of Bouncy Castle with a reworked bouncy mechanic, I have decided to go the extra mile and attempt to make a whole Mega Man fangame with it instead.

The Bounciness Mechanic
Whenever Mega Man or any enemy lands, the terrain wobbles based on how fast their landing is and causes anyone and any item on the ground to bounce, until the wobble dies down. You can also bounce super high if you hold down the Jump button. The bounciness also affects floating platforms and other things you can stand on. Due to the bounciness, Rush Coil will not be featured in the game for redundancy.

The bounciness could also be used for some unique scenarios. Say, there's a small passage you need to slide through. However, there an enemy that's constantly jumping and making the ground wobble, which constantly messes with your footing and preventing you from sliding. You'll need to kill this enemy so that you can slide again. Or what about you going through a corridor with a low spike ceiling. There's an enemy that jumps periodically, and you'll need to stand in a safe zone when it jumps or you'll be launched into the spikes.

Robot Master Line-up
There will be a group of 6 Robot Masters taken from the official games. Each one will be selected based on their suitability in a bouncy environment, with any tweaks to their original behaviour if applicable (i.e. Plant Man will no longer walk towards you like he did in Mega Man 6). There will be an intro stage to introduce you to the bounciness mechanic, with a boss that will have just have Toad Man's jumping movement pattern (and without Rain Flush).

It should be noted that I will not be using Rockman 7/8 FC assets (sorry, Spring Man).

Here are the planned Robot Masters (pending; liable to change):
  • Bomb Man (explosive weapon)
  • Hard Man (power weapon)
  • Gravity Man (screen clearing weapon)
  • Plant Man (shield weapon)
  • Magma Man (chargable/multi-hitter weapon)
  • Nitro Man (ground weapon)

WIP animations showing the concept (be wary of possible motion sickness!)
[Image: HeszgFX.gif]
[Image: KyMRcGo.gif]

Much of this is still a proof of concept, and is very much subject to change. The game will be built upon the MaGMML3 devkit once it's released.
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