Share Your Game Development Stories!
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RE: Share Your Game Development Stories!
I have a... silly story to tell during a project.
A good while back I was working on an Ace Attorney fan-game and was starting to get stressed. This was mostly a solo project, so I was working on the script and sprites (I wanted to be as original as I could on this project and refused to Frankenstein characters together.). I hired folks on Deviant Art to make backgrounds for me and hired some voice actors but it was mostly me putting all of it in the game. I had a few character sprite sheets done, but it is AGONIZING working on Ace Attorney peoples. I had an idea that, since I was commissioning people to do backgrounds, I could find others who could help work on sprites... Nnnnno one was interested... So my next step was to actually hire people to draw, not sprite, out the characters in certain poses and such. So, after I got a character commissioned and finished, I took the poses, resized them through Photoshop, and edited it in MSPaint. It turned out great and looked almost like an official sprite for AA games. After I posted the work on the Court Records forum, I was told something... interesting. Apparently, the method I did was how Capcom made their Ace Attorney sprites for the games... I was kinda floored with what I heard. It seems I always stumble into these things without knowing that's how it ACTUALLY happened...
Another funny thing that happened kinda made me happy. Apparently, the American Capcom website used a boxart I made and thought it was the one for Trials and Tribulations. Destructoid even did a piece on it. My 15 minutes of fame was good while it lasted. XD
You can still read the blurb on their site:
30-04-2018, 06:09 AM
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