[Fan Game] Mgea Mna VS Dr Weelee [ANNOUNCEMENT]
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Mgea Mna VS Dr Weelee [ANNOUNCEMENT]
Today I am announcing my upcoming Mega Man fangame/parody game, titled “Mgea Mna VS Dr Weelee”! With more than 6 huge levels with tons of variety and unique enemies, over 10 original boss fights, 7 powerful weapons, and plenty of humour of various types to keep you entertained, this is one game you will certainly not wish to ignore.

[Image: FJSYlwJ.png]


Oh no! The evil Dr Weelee has stolen all the dank memes of the world! Now his army of six Robot Memesters will spread outdated memes all across the planet, so that he can turn the masses of normies into his slaves, making him the king of memes. This is a threat to the whole meme ecosystem! Only you can help take down the nefarious doctor and his army, by helping none other than the rebel and only hope of the memes, Mgea Mna!

[Image: NWPrMgs.png]


Mgea Mna VS Dr Weelee is a game inspired by the classic franchise we all know and love, more specifically the first Mega Man game on NES. You can battle through the six main stages, which are followed by a unique boss, who gives you one of its weapons upon defeat, in any order you’d like. The gameplay is very similar to the classics, with plenty of action-platforming, tough stages, and exciting bosses. The stage layout is unlike the official games, thanks to the very large 960 px by 720 px window size, giving you the ability to see a large amount of the level at once. The graphics usually comply with the traditional NES 8-bit colour palette. In addition, there are numerous other features that were never seen before in a Mega Man game, such as a system of medals which reward the player for completing challenges, a leaderboard to keep track of your best scores, and a combo system for you to increase your skills while getting rewarded with memes.

[Image: bmWJd8W.png]


This game was built in Game Maker Studio 1.4 from scratch, meaning no prebuilt engine was used. Development began in April 2016. Unfortunately, my programming skills were significantly poorer at the time, and thus this caused plenty of problems down the line. Progress was fairly slow, and was almost non-existent in 2017 due to my work on another fangame. However, at the end of that year, I decided to significantly speed up my work without being distracted by other projects, which leads to May 2018, when about 70% of the game was finished. I was hesitant to announce the game prior, since I was afraid of never finishing and releasing the game, but now I can promise that it will be released. This project was in almost secrecy for two years, and I had been the only person to work on it ever. The meme nature of this game was partially made due to the fact that not only my programming skills were weak at the time, but also because I have next to no skills in audio and graphics, which kinda gives me an excuse to use copyrighted music and sound effects, as well as to draw sprites with no talent to do so. Also, I never anticipated this game becoming so large, and for that reason I was not worried about relying on then-relevant jokes and memes as the game’s humour, since pretty much everything in this game is now considered to be outdated.

[Image: 8KtvLLg.png]


I am Garirry, and I am a learning game developer. Although I have made games since 2008, this is the first time I’m putting such a significant amount of effort into a game. Mgea Mna VS Dr Weelee is my first full-fledged standalone game that actually will be released since 2011! In addition, I have contributed to numerous Mega Man fangames, such as Mega Man Endless, Make a Good Mega Man Level 2, OH JOES!, and more. Although my lack of skill at the start of the development meant I had to rely on making a parody game such as this one instead of a proper, fully original game, I still am doing everything I can to make this an amazing game regardless of the presentation, and hopefully I will be able to make significantly better content once I am finished with Mgea Mna VS Dr Weelee.

[Image: k7l9zbx.png]

I have no clear release date at the moment, but my plan is to release it by August this year. However, I have no guarantees that this will actually happen, so don’t get your hopes up too much. My plan is to release it on Microsoft Windows, and I am considering the option of making it available on macOS and Linux. Controllers are supported in this game. Further in development, I will request the help from anyone who is willing to assist in beta testing. For updates, please subscribe to this thread. I will eventually publish a website where you will most likely be able to see updates as well.

Thank you for reading, and make sure to leave any feedback that you may have in this thread!
07-05-2018, 07:54 PM
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