[Fan Game] Mgea Mna VS Dr Weelee [ANNOUNCEMENT]
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RE: Mgea Mna VS Dr Weelee [ANNOUNCEMENT]
Kazoo Man's weapon, Kazoo Airhorn, is no joke! With a single blow, pretty much all enemies on screen get destroyed instantly. This is especially useful in stages such as Sanic Man's, where there are plenty of enemies trying to kill you and when you don't feel like taking care of them one by one. But be careful, because you don't get a lot of weapon energy for it, so use it reasonably!

[Image: QQl8Yuc.gif]

Disclaimer: All game footage is in WIP and can change at any time prior to release. Additionally, please note that video and GIF quality and speed may be different from what the actual game looks like.
11-06-2018, 10:19 PM
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